Lions and Tigers and...Boots? Oh MY!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

So I have to say, boots happen to be really versatile.  I mean, dress them up with a skirt, dress them down with a ripped pair of jeans.  Nowadays, they're coming in all different styles: ankle, mid-calf, slouchy, thigh-high, well worn, suede, leather, etc.  The latest trend in LA at least, have been these amazing pair of distressed leather Steve Madden boots with a fun zipper back that gives them a little extra pop of color.  Lately I've been diversifying my wardrobe by adding pieces that are a little more edgy, and these certainly fit the bill.  They have a toned-down motorcycle type of feel, and not too much distressing so as to make you look like a homeless person.  My favorite aspect is the wide variety of colors--they have a beautiful green leather, which to be quite honest is the direction I would go in--and they would look great with my black leather jacket!  Now while I like to set the trends rather then follow them, these boots occupy a soft spot in my heart; if I could, I would own every color. 

And if you're not willing to shell out 2 Benjamin's for them, Target is selling the look for less at a mere $34.99:

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