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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There's no excuse for not owning a fabulous leather jacket.  I found mine last year, during one of the hottest, stickiest NYC summers ever.  Now I had been on the hunt for a leather jacket for years.  It's one of those pieces that accentuates every outfit in your wardrobe.  One unbearably humid day, I waltzed into a boutique on the upper west side, and lo and behold--I fell in love.  And because I walked into my own personal leather heaven in the middle of summer, I nabbed my jacket for 50% off!  For staple pieces that you will own for a lifetime, like a leather jacket, the best time to shop is during the off season for deals and steals you just can't walk away from.

While it took me years to find my perfect jacket, I thought I would at least give you a couple of ideas to get you on the right track, like this motorcycle jacket by Kinder Aggugini for Impulse at Macy's (it's a limited collaboration, so jump on this if you love it!)

My own leather jacket is a black bomber; and I like to wear it a few ways.  Since moving to LA I've been vamping up my "badass" look with studded jewelry and accessories--and my bomber is the perfect finishing touch when I want to look like I mean business.  If you want to soften the look--I throw on a flirty floral (see my last blog post!) dress or pair with a more feminine look--whether it be in color or fabric.

I love the look of this particular jacket--it's got some great detailing.  Like the asymmetrical zip, snap front neckline, and stitching at the shoulder. 

There are a bunch of great options out there like herehere, and here.

And if you want the look for less, or don't wear leather--check out this great LC for Lauren Conrad cropped faux-leather motorcycle jacket at Kohl's (and it's on sale!).  The light tan color and feminine rouching on the side make it a great look for spring!

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