Branching Out

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So, like I told you in my last post, I’ve been super preoccupied with a big move into my first apartment.  While my days are normally filled with scouring the web for all of the fabulous articles of clothing, jewelry, accessories etc. that I am too poor to buy so I blog about, I’ve now been doing the same but with housewares, furniture, etc.  As a close friend put it so well, I’ve been cheating.  Cheating on fashion with furniture.  And it’s true.  These days the only conversations that I deem meaningful or worth talking about revolve around my decorative ideas for my new apartment.  Seriously, it’s all I’m good for lately. 

So I thought rather than depriving you of all my thought provoking written word, I would just start writing about the most all encompassing component of my life at the moment: decorating.

My family is in the furniture/interior decorating/design business, so I’ve always been around it.  As a teenager, I remember Christmases with  my family and everyone getting excited over getting plates and knives and candle holders, and thinking dear god, someday that will be me.  New clothes will not bring the joy I feel now, and I will become old and get excited about getting spice racks.

Well folks, that day has come.  I got some super basic spice racks from Ikea and painted them a sunshiney yellow to house my eclectic mix of spices (I love cooking).  I have segued into the emerging adulthood phase of my life and pure joy and excitement is obtained by purchasing succulents from the Home Depot (or the dee-pot as we so affectionately refer to it). 

While I wish that alas, I could afford everything my little heart so desires, we all know I’m a starving shopper.  So I’m inviting you to join me for the crazy task of decorating my new apartment with lots of crazy excursions, wild extravaganzas, and ambitious do it yourself projects. 

Hoping you stay tuned for what’s to come.

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