Off with their Heads!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

For anyone out there considering a move, beware: It's expensive.  Especially if you haven’t lived on your own before, like yours truly.  

Luckily for me, my old roommate was getting rid of his $1,000 almost new mattress and it was cootie-free.  He sold me everything including the box spring and metal frame for a very reasonable $250.  Mattress? Check.

So now I’m thinking, okay, I have this bottom metal frame so I don’t really need to buy a whole headboard and footboard type of deal, especially since my room is on the smaller side and a big bed frame eats up a lot of room.  I decide to go the headboard route.

Looking online at various headboards, they cost the equivalent of a small malnourished child.  And you know what?  It’s just not worth it.  There are a million other low cost alternatives out there and plenty of inventive DIY ideas that are way cute.  

I contemplated for a long time about getting a large mirror like this one from Amazon and hanging it over my bed, but was holding off due to the cost and the fact that I would also like to afford silverware in the new digs.

Enter Target.

While perusing the aisles and stocking up on too much stuff that I don’t really need, I spy a set of beveled mirrors, and I have this “ah-ha” moment.  I figure instead of spending $200+ on some fancy schmancy mirror, I can buy 2 packs of these and still avoid having to eat spaghetti with my fingers.  

An easy hanging solution for things that don’t have all those bracket hanging hole thingers on the back are 3M Velcro tabs.  They hold up great, and don’t put any holes in the wall.  I wasn’t extremely precise about hanging these and kind of wung it, but I’m really satisfied with the way it turned out.  As I was guestimating placement, I chose to hang the mirrors with a little space in between so I wouldn’t end up with a slightly diagonally hung faux headboard.  The collage of mirrors creates a focal center point in the room, and is balanced out by the flowered artwork.  Since I went with mismatched green and cream night stands (found at a flea market), I balanced out the look by adding a green and clear lamp on opposite sides.  The clear lamp is customizable and a great flexible option to pull in a little color from the paintings hanging above.

Here are some other great options for DIY headboards:

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