The Anthropolgie of Design, + a Look for Less: Make it or Fake it #3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This weekend I went to peruse one of my favorite overpriced stores, Anthropologie.  The visuals in the store are absolutely incredible and just make me want to go "GIMME" every time I turn a corner.  I love almost everything in this store but can't afford pretty much anything in there.  And that makes me sad, because most of the time whenever I go in there I pick things up and carry them around, whine to my boyfriend about how much I want them, get this sad confused look on my face as if I cannot fathom why exactly things should be priced as such and why I lack the appropriate funding to buy whatever my heart desires, then I put said items down and walk out much more morose than when I entered said pretty store.  So I decided to try and take a new approach when I go there, and instead of getting super down about everything I want but can't afford, I look around the store for inspiration and focus more on the visuals rather than the extreme need I feel to purchase things.  Also part of this post is my look for less.  But anyways, here's what I saw this weekend at my would be home--I mean store.

This awesome bed display.  As I am a great fan of untraditional headboards, this vignette really spoke to me.  Look at the giant library style hutch? cabinet? I'm not even sure what to call it really, but it's totally awesome.  I love the roll up cabinet doors that let you customize the look by having them at different heights to display different objects.  This massive unit provides a ton of storage as well, and lets you double up on nightstands providing a lot more surface space for lamps and books, etc.  The cool thing they did here also was to hang art on the exterior of the hutch, so you're not really losing the wall space for picture hanging behind it.  I've done this before on my own bookcases; it's a little something unexpected that makes a statement.  If you notice down in the front there are some cool patterned letters, and being a huge fan of typography, I clearly ransacked the place looking for a fun patterned 'M' to no avail.  Why are there so many 'M' people out there?  One day I am going to have one whole huge display of a million different crazy 'M's and then my life will be complete and I can start contemplating collecting other letters.

 Onwards and upwards.  Here was another cool idea, which is to use a ladder as a towel rack or otherwise.  I've been wanting a ladder to put somewhere in my tiny apartment, and you can really use them for anything.  Here its more of a bathroom item for bathmats, towels, etc., but you could also use them to display a few pretty scarves or blankets in a bedroom.  Or, if you happened across a ladder that had wider steps you could use it as a shelf for display.  Either way, I'm a huge fan, and am keeping my eyes peeled for an awesome rustic reclaimed wooden ladder to put god knows where. 

 Here's another interesting thing they were doing: mounting everything on walls.  Here they've got chairs on the wall mounted on hooks.  To the left they've also mounted some vintage metal letter trays (which I've been looking for for ages, but can't seem to find any).  These guys would traditionally be used as a catch all for documents and letters, and would most likely be sitting on your desk.  Here they have mounted them sideways to use as little display shelves.  I'm totally into them, and could definitely do this in my house.  Where, I am not entirely sure, but the idea is now planted in my brain, and by god I WILL FIND SOME!  Anyway, back to the chair--I've seen this done before in magazines, and while I wouldn't necessarily do it myself (at least not right now), I do like the added little shelf, and it would be a total conversation starter.  I mean, how often do you see chairs mounted on a wall in someone's home?

Which brings me to the next little display they had going on.  These are all vintage/antique mirrors which have been glued together or otherwise attached to create this collage of a mirror.  They're put together however they will fit, if you notice the bottom middle one is actually upside down.  I thought this was a fun way to create a mirror display and is different from just hanging them in a gallery.  A creative solution, and definitely a DIY type of project you could easily do at home yourself.

Okay.  That brings me to the Look for Less.  For such a long time Anthropologie has had these beautiful etched glass jars with brass lids in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  I've been lusting after these for months now and always want to buy them but just can't bring myself to spend the dough (the smallest one, which couldn't even hold q-tips up right starts at $18).  I also can't seem to find the link for all of these jars online now (only the round one), but they do have them in store and they are really beautiful.

The small round jar from Anthropologie is $28.
The Baker's Jar
Target has a version of the jar for just $14.99.
Etched Brass and Glass Canister
 Pretty good deal if you ask me!  Do you guys ever look to visual retail displays for inspiration or ideas?
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