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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So I know, lately I have been totally all consumed by decorating and design, but that's not to say I'm not still totally fashion obsessed as well.  This blog is about my style, both in fashion and decor.  So here's a little fashion post for ya. 

I found something so remarkable, so awesome, and SO CHEAP last week that I couldn't possibly not share with you.  Yes, its a pair of boots, but not just any boots.  But I'll get to that in a minute.

I keep seeing all these "end of summer" sales and "fall previews" and I keep saying to myself, what, is summer over or something?  Because its 90 degrees in Westwood today (my beef with LA, where's the 90 degree weather when I DON'T have to sit inside at work all day?).  Since becoming a real adult, I now feel as though I live in a perpetual summer.  Sure, I graduated college, and sure I have a big girl job now, but think about it...when fall comes I don't go back to school, I stay at my "summer job", and I live in Southern California where it is always beautiful (except during the winter when it's 60 degrees!).  The endless summer if there ever was one.  I once told a group of friends in the middle of winter in NYC that, and I quote: "It gets cold by the beach!".  Yeah, needless to say that comment wasn't really received well.  Oops.

Anyways, back to my point.  For the rest of the world, its getting into fall, and fall means BOOTS.  How else are you going to keep wearing all your cute summer dresses when the air gets crisp?  So like I said, I found such an amazing deal that mass texting all my friends to soak in their envy wasn't enough, I need to tell the world (or really like the 3 people I didn't already tell immediately and who maybe are reading this post). 

Enough ramblings.  BEHOLD:
 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (cue opera music and electronic Jesus light)

Yes, yes that's right.  No, you don't need glasses.  That is a pair of vintage Frye boots.  In my size.  For $29.99.  I wish I could all caps numbers, but then it would just look like $@(>((, which perhaps is more fitting and relays to you my pure shock at finding these puppys, at Urban Outfitters no less.  So yes, lets hear it, you hate me, can't believe it, so amazing, etc. etc.  But seriously, what a find!  I know this totally doesn't help you because this is totally a one-of-a-find, but don't worry, I don't only think of myself.

Mia Xiomara
Piperlime is super awesome and has great shoes + free shipping, which you really can't beat.  Man, I feel like I'm griping about shipping costs a lot lately.  Sorry.  Anyways, they have a great selection and every now and again have 30% off stints they do, so if you really like a pair of boots and know they will last you forever, wait until one of those coupons comes through.  A huge trend right now are riding boots, which at first I really couldn't handle.  I've been riding horses for 22 years, and started teaching at the age of 16 so I am no stranger to riding boots, and wear them, well, surprise surprise, to ride.  A lot of the early styles from a few years back basically just looked like a pair of dress boots (dressage riders wear these, the front has a stitching like these boots on the right).  I felt like it was so silly and totally UNfashionable, but they finally started making some that don't make me feel like I should be wearing a pair of breeches under them.  These suckers to the right are so pretty, a great dark brown color (I don't have dark brown boots yet...) and the mid-calf style looks super cute with both dresses and jeans.  I also like that they have a relaxed, slightly worn look to them, and a small heel (I'm 5'9", and all my friends are short).  So the Xiomara boot is my low-budg option, at $99, which really isn't bad for leather.  I like a few other ones as well, but they are a bit more pricey, but check 'em out here and here

What boots are you lusting after for fall?  (read: for the love of god, PLEASE comment on my blog so I know at least SOMEONE is reading this!)


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  2. Still jealous of your Fryes!

    I am currently lusting after these boots:

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