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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Over time I've slowly been finding and adding a ton of awesome art to my wish list from Etsy.  There are so many amazing artists out there and Etsy provides a great method of distribution for many people who otherwise wouldn't be able to sell their products easily.  Majority of the things I buy on Etsy are pillows and artwork, and today, against my better judgment, I'm going to highlight a few of my favorites.  I have that irrational fear that if I share with you my favorites I won't be able to buy them, but alas, I am putting it aside today.  They're too pretty and awesome to keep to just myself!  But, I will be pretty sad if I go to buy one of my favorites and they are all sold out.  If you like some of the prints below, definitely check out each individual shop as they will have similar stuff and you may just discover your new favorite artist!

Beetle, Flowers

Flowers in Greece


Blooming Beauty

Blue Octopus

Yarn Story






New York, New York

I Love You Mo

Crochet Tree

Little Vintage Hearts
Which are your favorites?

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