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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Okay, as promised to the entire world, and myself, I went to the Long Beach flea market this weekend.  My thoughts are this: it is well organized, has a good variety and selection of goods, it's big but not overwhelming.  All in all, I enjoyed my Sunday there.  My only gripe is that it's down in Long Beach which is a good 30 miles from me (that might as well be a 3 day trip in La-La Land) and that its a $5 entry, $10 if you go early.  And if you're there for furniture, you want to go early.

So here are some things I saw at the flea on Sunday:

A lot of mid century danish modern furniture.  Which I LOVE.  I already have a lot of furniture in my apartment, and the only thing that I am actually in the market for is a chair for my bedroom (more specifically a navy tufted velvet wing back) to cozy up at night and read Pride and Prejudice (yes, that is what I am reading currently), and maybe also a little round table to hold a glass of water in the event that I become parched whilst reading my classic.  Anyway, I totally love this look, the lines of this piece (and many others) are so timeless to me.  I would love to incorporate this type of furniture into my next place that will hopefully be at least 3 times the size of my current apartment as by then I will be rolling in it.

Remember that post I did about affordable art?  And I talked about all those amazing vintage books that have incredible drawings and details?  Whelp, here they are.  This guy goes to the LB flea as well as the 4th Sunday Santa Monica flea.  I didn't pick any of these guys up, but man did I ooh and ahh long enough to lose the boyfriend AND have him finish all the water.  I'm thinking about maybe going the bug route though, and adding some cool looking beetles or something to my art collection.  Kind of weird, but I like it.  Because I'm a little weird.  And beetles are cool.

GIANT TYPOGRAPHY!  My favorite!  I would have about 5 intense 'M's in my apartment if I didn't think it would freak out my roommate a little.  Right now I just have two small ones.  I made a bee line for this dude and immediately asked after the 'M's.  To my dismay, he had none.  I guess the early birds all have awesome 'M' names like I do.  Wah.  Maybe next time.  My other idea is to spell something out with big iconic letters, like 'EAT' for the kitchen or something.  Except I don't have room for more than just one, and I feel like that is a lot of pressure, deciding what you would want to spell out.  Kind of like getting a tattoo.  Intense, and you'll have to look at it every day.  I almost got a tattoo on one occasion in Australia (I did a lot of daring things there, like swim with sharks, skydive, bungee jump, drive a boat with absolutely no experience really fast...yes, that's me, just your average girly girl who likes to shop and decorate...and play rugby...).  So yes, I am tattoo-less for all you potential employers out there or my father.  I digress, my tattoo rule is that if I ever definitively decided on one, I would wait 1 year and see if I still wanted the same thing.  This has yet to happen, and probably never will, which is why I think I'll stick to buying just 'M's, because the odds of me being Megan forever are pretty good.

Okay, this piece was totally rad.  Is totally rad.  And I'm totally allowed to say rad because I live in California now.  But seriously, a little class room info: this is a barrister bookcase.  A barrister is a class of lawyer with split legal professions (ie. advocacy and expert opinion), which is why this piece is also called a lawyer's bookcase or cabinet.  It is essentially a bookcase with glass doors that lift to easily access what's inside.  This particular one had a glass pane missing from the top, but it's still an incredible piece.  Imagine all of the awesome vintage and antique items you could showcase in there!  I didn't even ask how much it cost for fear of 1) not being able to pay my bills this month and 2) actually taking it home and trying to fit it in my non-SUV (I got a nice new shiny coupe styled sedan recently, which I love, but is not so great for hauling furniture like I like to do every weekend).  This piece is emblazoned into my memory though for a time and place where I can showcase all of my beautiful things.

Okay, and now for the goodies that I DID buy.  This awesome Remington Rand typewriter in great shape and in working condition.  I've been lusting after an affordable vintage typewriter forever and my prayers were answered this weekend in Long Beach.  Picked up this puppy, and the cool vintage kitchen scale for a total of $35.  And that folks, is what I call a pretty good deal. 

All in all, I vote yes to the Long Beach flea market.  If only it was a little bit closer...

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