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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The title says it all, folks.  I've complained before about having to keep track of all the different flea markets in LA since they are only on certain days throughout the month.  It's kind of a pain, but I am realizing that each flea has different vendors and amazing things, so I'm starting to dig the LA flea market sitch.  Here's a list so you can hit them up too if you're out here in LA.  And I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you're in NYC go to the flea market every Sunday on 76th and Columbus, those are my old stompin' grounds and I miss that flea dearly.

Is it embarrassing that I sort of (read: definitely) have the dates memorized?  Maybe.  But that's okay, because I am bringing valuable information to YOU, my dearest million (7?) readers.

Santa Monica Outdoor & Collectible Market:  1st and 4th Sundays.  TIP:  The 1st Sunday has about half the amount of stuff that the 4th Sunday does, but its also a different variety and not always the same exact vendors.  But go for the 4th Sunday on this one for sure if you're up in the air.  It's a decent sized (read: not too overwhelming for the faint of heart) and a good mix of stuff.  $5 entry (I swear, they raised it recently, but I could very well be delusional).  That pretty green nightstand to the left with beautiful ornate brass drawer pulls was found there--solid oak too, you might as well be lifting 50 lb weights.  Little green wine rack above I snagged last weekend for $10.  Hmm...I guess I like green...

Pasadena City College (PCC): 1st Sunday, bit of a hike.  Which is why I haven't been yet.  Shame on me!  But I've heard a great many things.  So if you go, let me know what goodies you find.  Also, it's fo free.  
Melrose Trading Post:  Every Sunday.  Be prepared to fight through a sea of hipsters though.  I think this is where everyone from Silverlake and Echo Park congregate on Sunday to mope about and try and find weird used saddle shoes.  $2 entry if I'm remembering correctly.
Rose Bowl:  2nd Sunday.  Price varies depending on the time you get there (more expensive the earlier you go, later admission is $8 big ones).  If you haven't heard of this one, you must live in a small cave in the middle of some distant and remote ocean.  This is the big one, and people travel all over for it.  It's also hot as heck there, and HUGE.  This is not a good flea market to bring your boyfriend to because boys don't have the shopping threshold found innately in women (read: yours truly) and will start to ask ridiculous questions when you buy an antique trunk for cheap like "How are we supposed to get that home?"  (Now I'm sure he doesn't actually read my blog, at least not regularly, since I'm pretty sure he would have commented something to set the record straight to my millions of readers [insert sarcasm here]).  Said trunk is pictured to the right/above.  In my defense, its not heavy just unwieldy.  I snagged this guy for $60 at the end of the day, because what vendor wants to carry this puppy back home?  (I didn't even want to!)

John Muir Outdoor Fair:  3rd Saturday.  Woah, what's that you say?  Flea market on Saturday?  That's right kiddies.  Small flea, no entry fee, last time I was there found an awesome pair of bullet shell stud earrings.  Been meaning to check it out again since we hit it at the end of the day last time.  

Long Beach Antiques Market:  3rd Sunday.  Again, shame, mega uber shame on me for not having been here before, but I swear I'm going this month.  One of my besties is down in LB and we keep having scheduling conflicts.  I will DEF let you know about this one when I go, this month, on the 3rd Sunday, without a doubt, 100% for sure.

So I've got some work to do and some updates to give you, stay tuned for more about the PCC and Long Beach fleas!


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