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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There is an amazing furniture invention that has saved my behind, and it is called a laptop table.  While called a laptop table, it does not necessitate a laptop in order to function (also I think they call them other things, so don't shoot me).  If there's one thing I've learned about designing and decorating my [very] tiny apartment, it's that space planning is everything.  No matter where you are, it's so important to address these things:

1)  How am I going to be using this space? (ie. functioning: eating, sleeping, working, entertaining, TV, etc.)
2)  What are my storage needs?
3)  What are the pieces I already have, and how can I use them to fit the space best?

Space planning is everything.  The first step is to assess the functioning needs of your space, what sorts of storage you need, and how you can use what you have.  The next step is to find pieces that work in your space and improve functionality while still acting as "decor".

So here was my space problem: we have that cable where you have to run a big white cord into the room, and we decided to hook up the TV in the least obtrusive way possible.  This meant that our sofa, which is a standard size (3 seater, probably 80 some inches long) is against a wall where there just isn't enough room to have two end tables.  I wanted there to be a surface on either side of the sofa, and the laptop table was the answer to my prayers.  I also didn't have any storage solutions that needed to be addressed with this piece, as I have a lot of other storage in the room already.
via West Elm

So because one side of the sofa is at the edge of a wall, the laptop table was the perfect solution because I could squeeze it right over one arm of the sofa.  The table pictured to the right from West Elm is how I am using it in my space.  No one really needs that arm rest anyways, and this way you have a surface where otherwise there may not be space for one.  I also like that they are modern looking with very clean lines.  If you had a visual of this whole room your eye would pass right through this space, and you wouldn't get hung up on a bulky table where there isn't space for one.  It's sort of the same principle behind clear acrylic furniture (which I'm not yet totally sold on), its clear so it doesn't take up a lot of visual weight in a room and allows your eye to pass over the piece.  There are a bunch of different styles of laptop tables out there, and here are some of my favorites below. 

via CB2

via World Market

via CB2
via World Market

Which are your favorites?

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