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Monday, September 26, 2011

EEK I'm sorry guys, I've been a total slacker lately.  Things have been a little busy around here in my life, and I've been a terrible blogger the past few (5) days.  But the good news is that I am back with a vengeance, and today I'm talkin' 'bout duvet covers.  And evidently in abbreviations.

So in the bedroom, your biggest statement is really your bed.  It's the focal point of the room, and it packs the most punch.  When decorating my room, I decided to try and stick with neutrals with my furniture so that a fun colorful duvet wouldn't compete with anything else in the room.  Changing your duvet cover is also the easiest way to change up the feel in your bedroom; it's like a short cut to redecorating.  I personally lived in dorm rooms for 8 years (boarding school + college), so I quickly learned how to make my dorm room home and how to decorate without putting (many) holes in the walls or doing too much damage.  Over the years I collected a ton of duvet covers and would switch them out whenever I felt like a change.  Unfortunately, queen duvet covers are a bit more pricey than twins, so I don't hoard them like I used to.  But there are affordable options out there, and I thought I'd share with you my roundup; all under $100 for a queen size.  Keep reading below for my creative alternatives to duvets also!

Reversible Bed Set

Organic Blocked Paisley Duvet

Cloverfield Organic Duvet

Medallion Organic Duvet

Falling Floral Duvet

Zig Zag Duvet

Stripe Duvet
Butternut Moroccan Duvet

Organic Chevron Duvet
Caravan Percale Duvet
Tvablad Cirkel

Henny Cirkel

Greek Key Duvet

So you see I am a fan of patterned duvet covers because I think they're fun and interesting and make a statement in your room.  It all depends on your own preference though, I get tired of things easily and like to switch things up often.  But, duvets aren't the only way to change things up.  You can use tapestries or large table cloths (for queen you want the dimensions to be around 88"x92"), or any other fabric that would fit the bill, or if you're crafty you could even sew a duvet or coverlet.  But here's my interesting and unexpected alternative in my apartment.

 Check out this image to the right.  It's a scarf I bought from Zara this weekend, really pretty and bohoish, thin, made up of 3 different patterns sewed together.  Its also HUGE, but when I wear it around my neck it just looks like a decent sized scarf.  BUT, I got a little crafty when I realized just how big it was, and laid it out on my bed.  And voila!  It can totally double as a coverlet by throwing it over the bed.  It may not be perfect (nor is my kinda messy room and unmade bed) or add a lot of warmth when the air gets crisp, but you can use it just as decor and it adds an interesting colorful visual focal point to my bedroom!

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