Look for Less: Make it or Fake it #1

Friday, September 9, 2011

So as I am constantly perusing catalogs, websites, stores, etc. for furniture and decor items that I probably don't actually need but work myself into such a lusty frenzy that I can justify almost any purchase that others may deem unnecessary.  Something you should know about me: I very regularly fixate on things.  I'll see a piece of furniture or something else at Pottery Barn and go aw, man!  I LOVE that, but it costs the equivalent of what my first born child will be worth if I ever have children.  I know what you're thinking, and no, I still haven't gotten that fat raise to be allocated only to shopping, so those expensive items I lust after are out of the question until I either a) get that raise for shopping only or b) marry rich.

BUT FOR one little thing--I'm resourceful.  I would even go so far as to say that I am incredibly resourceful, and ridiculously tenacious (what is this Megan, a job interview?).  Read:  Once I decide I want something, there's no stopping me.  Which brings us full circle, to the title of this post, "Look for Less", which sounds way better than "knock offs now".  Anyway, I'm going to start doing a regular instillation on my blog featuring expensive awesome items and where you can comparable if not the exact same product for less.  All in favor leave a comment on this post.

Starting with these beautiful rustic industrial chic accent pieces:

Decker Console Table $398
Decker Coffee Table $498

Decker End Table $248

The Anthropologie collection rings in at $1,144 + ridiculous amount of California state sales tax, coming to a grand total of around $1,250.  Ouch.

Beautiful?  Mmhm.  Expensive?  Uh huh.  Do I really really really like and want them?  You bet.  Do I  have a thing for rustic wood with metal accents?  Oh yes.  Do I also have an obsession with furniture on casters?  Sure do.  So that pretty much settled it for me, I decided to give up my first born.  Until I realized 5 seconds later that no, I'm better than that, and I can find something comparable for less.

And that I did.  Check out these beauts from the World Market, which by the way has some pretty awesome stuff, including these copy cats:

Aiden End Table $169.99
Aiden Coffee Table $279.99
Aiden Console Table $279.99
Be sure to check out other make it or fake it posts here for more affordable home decor options.

 Oh man are these pretty.  And WAY cheaper.  And in my opinion I like the look of the wood on the World Market versions way better than the Anthropologie ones.  I think they're a little more distinct and unique.

If you love the look of something but want to find it for less, my big tip is to check sister stores.  Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People and Terrain are all owned by the same company.  Same goes for Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and West Elm, and then also Crate & Barrel and CB2.  I'm sure there are many others, probably some I haven't even heard of (blasphemy! tell me what they are if I don't know!), but if you can't possibly fathom scouring the web for something similar and less pricey, sister stores are a great starting point.

Yes, that's right, I own that coffee table, and end table (you can sorta see it), and here they are in my apartment.  Like I've said before, I'm always nervous about not following up and taking actual good pictures after I figure out what I'm going to blog about, so totally ignore the random cord, thirsty flowers, remotes, keys, sunglasses, and other paraphernalia that most definitely does NOT live on my coffee table every day but for some reason is in this picture (I think I took it before going to work.  read: it was early).  Oops.

But here's my look for less!

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