Look for Less: Make it or Fake it #2

Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome to the second installation of my "Look for Less" series.  Wowza, how formal did that sound?  Formal isn't really my style, in case you haven't noticed.  As promised, I am doing a regular post about some outrageously expensive piece, and where you can find the same look for less.
Make it with this Pottery Barn lamp:
Pottery Barn Cole Task Floor Lamp $199
or fake it with this Ikea version:
IKEA Barometer Floor/Reading Lamp $59.99

And yes, I do have these in my apartment as well.  My living room has no overhead light fixture, and while it does have one big window, the sun doesn't shine at night.  I love the traditional look of these lamps, they make me think of beautiful old libraries with big leather nail head chippendale chairs and lamps that look like this.  A great plus is the added functionality of them being task lamps you can direct the light where you need it--perfect for late night reading on the couch.  I'm thrilled with mine, and the awesome thing about floor lamps is that you can stick them where you need them, no table surfaces required (which is perfect for me because I have a tiny living room).

What sorts of things do you guys want to see in looks for less?  Do you have any item that you've been lusting after but just don't want to give up your first born for?  

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