Saturday, September 17, 2011

That's literally the only thing I can say about what I am going to tell you.  Because it is seriously UH-MAZING.  Totally insane, incredible, crazy.  I guess I can say more than omg about it...

So I have two favorite Emilys in the world, to date.  One, Emily Chalmers, amazing designer and author of Modern Vintage Style and Flea Market Style, both two of my favorite design books.  Two, but really #1, (I am only mentioning it second in order to add suspense and intrigue to this post) is Emily Henderson, 2010 Design Star winner and host of Secrets from a Stylist (SFAS) on HGTV.  If you love interior design like I do, then you have to watch her show because it is so awesome.

The premise of the show is style.  You've probably heard it before, but a lot of times decorating your home is so intertwined with your own personal sense of style (ie. fashion).  I've told you guys before about how I look to my own style when decorating, especially when were talking about a color palette.  Have a favorite scarf that you wear ALL the time?  Why not use it as inspiration and pull from the colors or pattern to bring some of those elements into a room.

Anyways, I digress.  Back to SFAS.  Emily "diagnoses" a couple's style by figuring out what each individual's style is and then combining them.  This is one of the elements that I love so much about SFAS and Emily's eye.  She has an amazing way of combining different styles into one look that is so well integrated and yet still somehow unexpected.  I love design, and I also love Secrets from a Stylist, and Emily.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  I went to go see the Fleet Foxes at the Greek Theatre in Hollywood the other night--totally incredible performance by the way, they sounded SO on point.  So not only did I have an amazing night listening to some glorious tunes, live, but I met my design idol.  Yup, that's right folks, Emily Henderson was at the SAME concert as me, and I totally stalked her intensely after the show ended.  She's super sweet and every bit as awesome as she is on TV.  You should have seen how excited I was after meeting her--for me it's like getting to meet the guru of my interior design world.  Totally awesome amazing incredible night for me.  If you haven't seen SFAS yet, WATCH IT!  And totally check out her blog (all photos via <--)

Here are some pretty pictures of incredibly styled rooms by Emily Henderson:

How totally awesome are these rooms?!

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