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Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm not feeling great today so this is gonna be a quickie.

Here's a picture from one of my design books, Decorate by Holly Becker.  She has a blog called decor8 that is totally awesome so definitely read it!  I scanned this guy in so its not the best quality, but just LOOK. It's a snapshot from Rita Konig's (style writer and interior designer--can I have your job Rita??) Manhattan apartment.  It's so incredibly styled.  I want to crawl in here and live forever.  Let's start with the artwork.  I love me a gallery wall.  And not only a gallery wall, but I have a thing for mismatched frames and a mixture of different types of art.  Take the pretty botanical print that has a vintage feel, and then you have a more modern simple typography "LOVE" print.  Which, by the way, would be way easy to do yourself.  Stay tuned, I'll post a DIY about that sucker soon enough.  Okay, but then we have an architectural photograph, a silhouette portrait which I have always fancied owning.  Down below there's a beautiful oil painting...and it goes on.  Everything works so well together even though they're different mediums, sizes, frames, etc.  Which makes me happy, because I have a tendency to gravitate towards a more eclectic style.
Okay, and whats the first thing your eye goes to in this image?  Obviously, you just thought (or said aloud if you're nerdy and completely captivated by my prose) the magenta Louis XVI chair!  I mean, how incredible is that piece of furniture?  That deep rich velvet fabric and incredible color.  The combination of the fresh coat of white paint and punchy color give an otherwise antique looking style a modern feel.  I mean talk about a pop of color.  Paired with that ikat patterned throw pillow it looks incredible.  I want it.  No seriously, I do.  I neeeeeed it.  Okay, you can also catch a glimpse of that sofa to the right, which has another great geometric graphic pattern which is another bold statement in this room.  Rita, I envy you.  And now to find that chair...


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