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Monday, September 12, 2011

Found Leather Moroccan Pouf
Free Trade Pouf
Hemp Pouf


Charcoal Knitted Pouf
Dhurrie Pouf
So maybe this isn't a new trend, but I'm noticing a lot of poufs around lately.  The more I'm seeing them, the more I'm liking them.  They add visual interest in a space where otherwise you most likely wouldn't have anything.  Poufs are so many things--ottomans, extra seating, coffee tables, decor...I don't know that a more functional piece of upholstery (furniture?) exists.  They don't take up a lot of visual space, and they are interesting textural little ball/square/octagonal pieces that are a total conversation starter.  When I get myself an awesome pouf, I will let you know how many people ask me about it. 

Now for some spectacular pouf styling: 

I love this little leather pouf with a handle.  It's delicate but masculine as well, especially when paired with the animal skin rug.
via Emily Henderson

What could be more fun than a gold flashy pouf to accent a beautiful brass framed coffee table?

Adding visual interest the pouf here grounds the room and adds balance in color.
via Emily Henderson

Pretty pink poufs add a pop of color and fun in this otherwise traditional and elegant setting.

 via Elle Decor

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