Upscale Nautical

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Below is my online mood board made on Polyvore, which is a site that is similar to Pinterest in that you can pull images from the web into a collection online.  The difference is that with polyvore, you can create a "set" of images, whereas on pinterest, you have to create different boards.  Polyvore allows you to collage your images together to create a mood or inspiration board.
I'm unofficially helping a friend decorate and find specific pieces for his living room.  He has dubbed his style as "Upscale Nautical".  I was feeling virtually crafty today and decided to create a set for this particular look.  When I imagine upscale nautical, I think about navys, blues and whites, reclaimed wood, rustic pieces, brass accents, rope inspired decor, old world maps, glass orbs, rich leather, vintage steamer trunks...and so on and so forth.  You get the picture, and just in case, here's a visual for ya.

Upscale Nautical

What do you think?  If this Polyvore set could talk, would it say "Look at me!  I'm upscale nautical!"?  (a lot of punctuation going on over here...)

Anyways, soon to come, I'll post about my physical inspiration/mood/fabric board that I made this past weekend.  Let's hear it for DIY!

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