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Thursday, September 29, 2011

So I have a love hate relationship with wallpaper.  For most of my life it has conjured images of terrible tiny floral patterns in a very grandma house, or just plain ugliness in general.  Lately though, my opinion of wallpaper has changed.  There are a lot of really fun and interesting wallpaper patterns out there and I've been coming across a lot of them lately.  I would love to do some wallpaper in my apartment, but seeing as I rent and have a 1 year lease, it's just not really fathomable or economic.  But I do really like wallpaper.  While I wouldn't be able to use it in the traditional sense, here's something I could do, and it's more economical as well.  I have a giant bookshelf in my apartment (technically its 3 pushed together, but who's counting) that takes up the better part of a wall.  I had decided on a darker color shelving unit, and then once I got everything all put together I wished I had gotten white.  Oh well, you live and you learn.  My shelves have a backside to them so they aren't open, and I have them jam packed with objects, books, vases, artwork, etc.  But at the end of the day, its a bookshelf.  What I would LOVE to do is wallpaper the back of the shelf.  Check out all these different images here of wallpapered shelves:

All over wallpaper with a metallic sheen.
via Name 5 Things
 This is just a wallpapered accent wall, with open shelving.  I like this look a lot but can't do it for my rental.
via Pinterest
 This again, is an accent wall, with shelving and credenzas, but it looks like a built in unit sort of.
I love that punched ginger jar on the bottom left too!
via Simplified Bee
 Another alternative would be to paint the shelves rather than wallpaper them.  If you have a lot going on with the contents of your shelving this might be the better option as it is less
busy and wouldn't compete as much with your objects.
via Design Manifest
This one here is fun take on the idea, mixing both paint and wallpaper, and also in various hues.
via Pinterest
 This wallpaper almost looks like there are objects in the shelves already.
via Barrie Briggs Spang
 I love this moroccan inspired wallpaper, it's not too busy and I like the symmetry going on here.
via Pinterest
I am totally in love with the idea of adding a little interest and intrigue to my shelving, so I spent some time perusing the web for awesome and interesting wallpaper.  Here are some of my favorites that are definitely NOT your grandmother's wallpaper:

Daydream Blue


French Dot

Flower Blossom
Prairie Quilt
via Graham & Brown
Summer Palace
Jazz in Central Park
Serious Bokay
Random Geometry
Petal Pusher

I mean, how cool is it that they make all this crazy out there wallpaper?  Some of it is so awesome I would wallpaper not only my walls but my ceiling too.  All of these unique wallpaper totally breaks my preconceived notions about country floral patterns or ugly stripes.  While I can't wallpaper a room in my rental, I really really really want (read: need) to add wallpaper to the back of my bookshelves to add interest and some color.  It would also take away from the dark wood and brighten up the room a lot.  Maybe I'll ask for some wallpaper for Christmas (read: family and friends, please gift me some awesome wallpaper!  And maybe have someone install it too?)

What do you think of these patterns?  Is it a shocker to see all these modern and contemporary designs, or did you already know about all the options out there?

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