To Eames or Not to Eames...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Man oh man oh MAN am I having a serious dilemma right now.  Let me give it to you straight.  I've been wanting an Eames lounge chair for a while now.  They are classic pieces that add a nice masculine element to a room and look fantastic.  While I could never afford an authentic Eames, I have heard of quite a few people either finding knock offs on the street or for some ridiculous sum of money like $50 which is basically free.  NO LIES.  Not only that, but these peeps are also finding crazy steals on mid century furniture.  I think have hit my max level of envy, and I want to know why the thrifting gods do not shine their plunder upon me more often.

Okay, so classic Eames lounge chair:

Beauty, no?  And here's a variation that I'm also pretty into:

Sorry, bad quality, but you get the gist.  So, basically, a fake Eames lounger is on my wish list, unless by some strange miracle I have the opportunity to possess an authentic one for cheap, which I doubt will ever be a reality.  So you can imagine my excitement when I found this today whilst trolling Craigslist:

BAM.  What's that you say?  A really fake Eames inspired lounge chair that has no base?  You want that?

As a matter o' fact, I do folks.  It's cheapy cheap (asking $60 and clearly I would beat him up a little) and it wouldn't have to stay looking the way it does now.  Since I'm not afraid of eBay anymore, I could easily procure a base for it for no more than $30 bucks or so.  So get the chair, buy a base, put two and two together, and you still have a knock off Eames in not so great condition.  HOWEVER, due to the cheapy cheapness of it, I would be MUCH more inclined to get a little fabric and reupholster that bad boy myself, like so:

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How crazy unique is that?!  I would never consider doing this if it were an actual decent knock off, or even in good condition.  But this guy wound up looking great if you ask me, and I really haven't come across many that have modern patterned upholstery.

But I just don't know if it's worth it or not.  There are many other things on my wish list (new sofa, cowhide rug, modern credenza, paint for the living room, a headboard, art for my gallery wall, a modern desk, a really good name a few) that perhaps I could use more.  [Sigh].  What ever is a girl to do?

20x200 Sale Alert!

Friday, October 28, 2011

You guys have heard me sing praises of 20x200 before--the site that has affordable artwork for everyone.  Well, today on One Kings Lane you can pay $59 for $110 worth of artwork on 20x200.

This is an AMAZING deal, especially since it doesn't expire for 5 years.  If you need an invite to One Kings Lane, click HERE.  If you're already a member, go get this deal  now!

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love the way an eclectic looking gallery wall can really add a big wow factor of visual interest in any room.  There really aren't any rules when it comes to creating a gallery wall, which is perhaps why I am so drawn to them--my tastes are definitely all over the place.  When it comes to gallery walls, I'm less attracted to the matchy-matchy family picture sort and more drawn to ones that incorporate different forms of art in mismatched frames.  I'm talking modern screen prints, vintage oil paintings, pastely water colors, etc.  I'm slowly building up a collection of art for a gallery wall, but have been a little hesitant to actually commit to hanging things on the wall.  Mostly due in part to the fact that I haven't decided 100% which wall I want to hang everything on, and also have some things that I haven't had a chance to frame yet.  I'm also debating incorporating picture ledges since I have a couple that I'd like to use in a different way than they are being used now.  I sort of want to hang everything above my bed now too, but am debating the odds of surviving an earthquake only to be killed by a multitude of falling artwork.  [Sigh], decisions, decisions.

Anyway, here are some inspiration pictures of the look I'm shooting for in my own gallery:

I like how the art is all over the place here, in varying sizes, different frames, some hung and some leaning on the ground.  There is balance in color schemes here as well, a neutral piece in the middle, red and purple hues on opposite sides, and the same with the blues.  The placement of the different hues provides balance and a more unified look.
via Angie Hranowsky
Lots of different types of art here, varying in style from the modern one in the middle and more traditional silhouette portrait to the right.  Notice how in all of these images there is a central focal point focusing your eye to that piece before allowing it to wander.  Having that central piece helps ground your eye.
via Pinterest
 This gallery is hung in more of an oval pattern on the wall, another aspect to consider when hanging your artwork.  The varying sizes and frames are arranged to loosely form a shape on the wall.
via Style by Emily Henderson
This has a great mix of neutral pieces and some that have a little pop of color.  Some of these pieces are more masculine, others more feminine.  One of the more tame gallery walls in my opinion.
via Stephmodo
Pretty out there in terms of pattern, color and scale, but with more of a unified theme (notice any florals?)
via Grammercy
Quirky and intense but also awesome.  Lots of different scales here and many different mediums.  No limitations either--this gallery takes up the entire wall.
via Red Glasses
I think what I like most about gallery walls is that it allows you to showcase different styles in a very personal way.  Scale is also really important in my opinion--you want to have varying sizes of art to keep the wall from looking stale.  But for the most part--there really aren't any rules involved.  Hang things in frames or without them, big or small, paintings or signs, objects or mirrors even--anything goes.  As long as you like the piece, there is going to be a place for it on your gallery wall.

As far as how to hang your artwork, Emily Henderson from Secrets from a Stylist (the best design show out there) has a great how-to guide.  I can't tell you how many holes I put in the wall trying to hang things evenly--and when I read this I had a major DUH moment.  In other words, don't feel bad if it never occurred to you to create mounting patterns on paper prior to putting 2934872346 million holes in your wall!

Soon I'll post about updates to my gallery wall and what sorts of art I've got goin' on.  And maybe, just maybe I will get around to painting my living room this weekend.  Boy, I'm really thinking ambitiously today...

What do you think about gallery walls?

Look for Less: Make it or Fake it #5

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've been seeing these cafe stools crop up everywhere lately, and I love them.  I dream of having a little (read: very large) eat in kitchen one day where I can sit on these stools and enjoy breakfast lunch and dinner whenever I so please.
or fake it with Overstock's Tabouret 24-inch Metal Counter Stools (Set of Two!) $89.99
With shipping for $2.95 flat at Overstock, you really can't go wrong!
Be sure to check out other make it or fake it posts here for more affordable home decor options.

Flea Market Finds and a Weekend of Adventure

Monday, October 24, 2011

What a glorious weekend.  So sad that it has ended.  I've got a biddie in town visiting me and we decided to road trip it down to San Diego (or San Diaaahhhgo as we prefer to call it).  Then we did lots of fun stuff on Sunday too including some very touristy things that I have been wanting to do but haven't had the time.  When I moved out here I had about 3 days of down time before I had to start working, so whenever friends come out to visit I am usually always down for a little tourist action.

We stopped at La Jolla (we kept calling it La Holla, as in pass me some more Challah bread) on the way down to SD:


Some crazy peeps were swimming with the seals and walruses (walri? those little black dots soaking up the marine layer to the left).

Anyways, a good portion of Sunday was spent at the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market.  And this is where it really gets good:

BAM!  What's that you say?  A mid-century dresser?  How much was it?  Only a hundie?  Are you for real?  YES I AM.  I have been ogling dressers like this for QUITE some time; lusting after the beautiful wood color, timeless design, clean modern lines...and oh yeah.  This one's MINE!  Pretty incredible if you ask me.  I was on a flea market high for the rest of the day--there's nothing quite like crossing something big off your wish list!

Here are some other fun things I spotted at the flea:

 A pretty little oil painting that is now mine to add to my gallery wall that has yet to be hung.  Soon folks, soon, I will get around to hanging up all my artwork. 

 Some antique clocks.  I didn't snag any of these, but I do really like them, especially that rectangular one in the back.  My grandmother collects antique clocks...maybe she is tired of doing that and will want to share?

A library card catalog piece.  I really like these but this one was an odd size, not quite big enough for a coffee table--plus I have no room for it anywhere in my apartment.

Mason jar pendant lighting.  I thought these were pretty awesome looking, and would be so fun to have in a backyard for parties.  I feel like this could be a good DIY project.  Too bad I have no backyard here in LA.

 You all know my weakness for signs, and this one is pretty sweet. 

A tryptic.  I love them, and this one in particular was so beautiful to me.  When I first asked about it he wanted $90, but later on he was asking $75.  Still too much for my liking considering I would have to find frames for them--but the colors and detailing were really beautiful.

That's all for pictures--once I found my dresser I had eyes for it only.  Now to get rid of my old dresser...

So we also had some tourist time this weekend and hiked in Griffith Park up to the Observatory:

And we also caught the Hollywood sign.  MAJOR tourist moment, even though I am not a tourist and I live here.  Regardless, it was pretty exciting to see the Hollywood sign in all its glory.

How was your weekend?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm scared of eBay.

There.  I said it.  I have a serious shopping addiction (in that I can't seem to stop, ever), and everyone is always talking about all the great deals they get off of eBay.  But bidding on something you want?  I mean, if I'm bidding on it, I want it.  It's like Pandora.  If I create a station around a song, there's no getting around the fact that I want to hear it.  I'm nervous that I could be willing to spend money on something but not actually get it.  But not that I would ever be bidding on something on eBay, because I refuse to learn how to use it.  Yes, that's me, the girl that blogs and shops online very often, has never purchased anything off of eBay.  I hang my head in shame.  If I ever wanted something enough to learn how to use eBay and bid on something, I would be petrified of not winning (I am a very sore loser, just ask basically anyone), but then what if I did win, but only to smite the other bidder?  And then I over pay?  There's just so much complexity revolving around eBay and so many what if's that I never thought, what if I learn how to use eBay?

But this morning, I had a change of heart.  No longer am I scared.  I was reading Morgan's latest post over on The Brick House which is a super rad blog about renovating and (re)decorating her house.  And what was the first thing I saw on her blog this morning?

via The Brick House
KILIM PILLOW COVERS!  Look at all of them!  So colorful!  So patterned!  So many different sizes!  When I first saw the picture I thought it was going to be about some overpriced not thrifty store with amazing pillows.  But no.  She got them off eBay.  YES, EBAY.

via The Brick House
Lately I have been really really into Kilim.  It's got that tribal sort of global feel to it.  I  mean, look how great they look, especially on that leather chesterfield sofa (drool).  A quick search on eBay revealed SO MANY kilim pillow covers!  I am no longer afraid!  My desire to have a giant pile of kilim pillows in lots of different colors and patterns outweighs my fear of not actually being able to own them.

Not only that, but the other day I saw this rug on Craigslist:

More awesome kilim, but a closer look revealed that the edges seem to be stained.  Gross, and bummer.  So while lusting after kilim pillow covers this morning on eBay, I thought, wait a minute.  Maybe this magical eBay world also has kilim rugs!

They do.

I love all the patterns and colors, and how unique each one is.  I want one for my livin' room to live all over their glorious patterned delight.  No, that may not be coherent English, but you catch my drift.

Do you have rugs?  What kind?

I know it sounds uber cray cray, (did anyone see that episode of Whitney?  If you did I would also like to put the fact out there that I started using the word cray cray back in '03.  Just sayin'.) but I'm thinking about cowhide too.  I know, WHOA.  But bear with me for a second, and just look.

via Apartment Therapy
Emily Henderson via Apartment Therapy
The Brick House via Apartment Therapy
via Apartment Therapy
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
I mean, look how versatile.  Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms...and so many different styles can handle a cowhide rug.  Decisions, decisions.

And guess what--Ikea sells them:



Decisions, decisions.  Cowhide, kilim, jute, sisal...what ever is a girl to do?  I guess it's a good thing I don't have to make a decision yet seeing as this blog is more about The Broke House.  Maybe Santa will bring me a cowhide rug for Christmas!

Here's to hoping.

Sale Alert!

Monday, October 17, 2011

RoomService pillows are on Gilt today!

$40 per pillow, and it includes the insert. Click here if you need an invite.  Get 'em before they're gone!

Alternative Movie Posters

Monday, October 17, 2011

Check out all these vintage like re-imagined movie posters!  I've been seeing these crop up lately, and I have to say that I am a huge fan. 









In other news, I'm running out of wall space. 
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