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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Okay.  I've been working crazy hard on creating an apartment to call home.  It ain't easy, and it ain't big.  But I thought I'd share some before and after pictures with y'all.  Yup, I said y'all, and I'm totally allowed to because even though I'm from NYC I am also kind of country and my first driver's license was from the great state of Mississippi.  Fun fact.  My southern accent makes a comes back whenever I go home to MS.  Don't judge.  I think all my moving around all the time--New York most of my life, Mississippi for holidays and some summers, Pennsylvania for high school and my Pops lives there, a few holidays in Florida, Boston for school, Australia study abroad, North Carolina, etc. etc., and now I find myself here in California.  Maybe it's not just my style that's eclectic but me as a person.  Like how I am totally NYC but lived in the wet tropics of Australia for 5 months with crazy spiders, 5,000% humidity while doing a lot of wake boarding.  Not exactly what you think of when you conjure an image of a 22 year old born and raised New Yorker from the Upper West Side no less (East Side??  What??  Tiny narrow sidewalks?  No thank you.)

Enough rambling.  Here are a some embarrassing before pics:

I won't even comment on those since they are so atrocious. 

And some afters:

Definitely better, that's for sure.  If I had unlimited funds I would do a lot of other things, like this:

1)  Paint that sage green wall in the living room.  At first I was okay with it but now I hate it every time I look at it.  I want to paint it a perfect gray color.  That sage green has no place in that apartment with those vintage posters, it basically just looks like I forgot to paint.  Which I sorta did.  I SERIOUSLY wish I would have known that you can make your landlord paint and stuff before you move in.  Epic fail for not knowing.  So basically I'm debating hard whether or not I want to undertake this (I mean, its 2 small walls) in a rental.  I'm leaning more and more towards a yes.  Maybe it's time to take too many paint chips home from the Depot.  Hmm...what am I doing this weekend?  I think a gray akin to this on the right would be good, not too neutral but not too dark and overpowering.  I likey.

2)  I really like my little rustic country lookin' media cabinet thinger.  It's technically the bottom half of an armoire (the other half is functioning as a bar right now because the TV won't fit in there), but you wouldn't know that unless I told you.  So ignore what I just said.  So I love the piece, but I really want a mid century credenza.  I don't even want it, I need one.  BAD.  SO BAD.  I think about them all the time and just keep dreaming about having one in the living room to use as a media unit.  Something glorious and beautiful like this: 

via Pinterest
Or this:

via Ebay
LOVE!  Wah.  I need one.

Alternatively, I could also make due with something like this:

Ikea Torsby
Or even this:

Ikea PS Cabinet
I think I like this white clean lined modern look as well.  Maybe a mid century dresser in my bedroom?  I think it all depends on all the improvements I make, funding, and what is readily available.  That last Ikea cabinet is only $99.  Pretty cheap if you ask me.  Hmm...perhaps my barn country one half of an armoire will get secretly hidden in my boyfriend's garage while he's not looking...

3)  My shelving is great and totally functional for the space.  I needed shelves, and BAM, I got them from Ikea on the cheap.  Buuuuuuut I can't help lusting after this incredible pipe shelving unit.

via The Brick House
I mean come on.  How beautiful is it?  Its all look at me I'm rustic and industrial and totally charming.  I want you in my house.  BAD.  Imagine how cute this would be as a headboard too if it were structured differently.  Lots of shelving space.  This particular piece is currently in Emily Henderson's design studio styled to such amazingness that it makes me drool.


It's a little bit blurry, but I watch her show all the flippin' time so I've had time to stare at it for a pretty extended period of time.  There's a DIY guide (as this particular one is) here on Ready Made but I don't think my skills are that great for a project like this; plus just the list of materials really scares me.  I mean what is a "base flange"?  That just makes me think of phalanges and I'd like to keep mine thankyouverymcuh.  Home Depot is a scary scary place and I don't like to go without my bf.  He is manly man and speaks some weird workman's Home Depot language that I am unwilling to learn.

4) An Eames chair.  I love the traditional Eames, but this one is more my style.  It's this beautiful color, with lots of tufting, a wood back--it's gorgeous.  Here's a tip for you if you're looking for the authentic Eames since there are a lot of "Eames-inspired" chairs out there.  An authentic one will have a 5-legged base, that doesn't sit flat on the floor (like below).  The arms will be curved and not flat, the cushion of the ottoman and the seat are the same size and in fact are interchangeable, and also the color of the wood is something to watch out for.  The chair also has a tilt to it, but does not recline.  All some fun facts to help you discern "real" from "inspired".

This one is on craigslist right now.  Unfortunately I don't have 4 extra hundies layin' around.  Major bummer.

5)  A new sofa.  Don't get me wrong, I like my sofa.  I snagged it off craigslist for cheap, especially considering that it's a custom down sofa that has great bones.  And for someone with more money, they could reupholster those great bones into something awesome.  After thinking about actually reupholstering, I decided that the sofa itself is a little too traditional style wise for me.  Rather than sink more money into it by reupholstering a sofa I don't love, I'd rather put the money that I don't have towards something I do want.  Look how well I manage my hypothetical dough!  If only I could do that with real money.  Anyways, I want something vintage and awesome.  Or a chesterfield sofa, whichever comes first and is cheaper.  I am going to start hunting for a vintage sofa, but it may take quite a bit of time since my budget is tiny.  I'm just going to start keeping various coffee can piggy banks for different things, like "vintage sofa" or "modern pendant lighting".  You think I'm kidding.

 Something like this would be UH-mazing, and so would an apartment to hold a sectional of this size.  On craigslist right now for way too much money.

via Restoration Hardware
Chesterfield sofa.  Yummy.  Look how comfy!  Yup, that's right.  You can SEE the comfort.

via The Brass Petal
 I also wouldn't mind an awesome navy velvet tufted vintage mid century sofa like pretty.

6)  A headboard.  I know I did that post ages ago about alternatives to traditional headboards, and I have been rocking some beveled tile mirrors above my bed for a while now which has been a great low cost solution.  But alas, I am getting le tired of them.  I really dig this woven headboard from West Elm

7)  A rug for the living room.  We've got hardwood floors everywhere but the kitchen and bedrooms, and it would be nice to have a rug for no other reason than me thinking so.  I could post 10 different ones I love but are out of my price range, so here are the more reasonably priced ones I'm considering:

Alvine Ruta

I don't like rugs that look like carpeting.  In fact, I hate carpet all together.  It makes me think of the 70's but in a bad drug house filthy carpet type of way.  Gross.  I like flat woven rugs in natural fibers, the top one is a little more visually interesting, and since I have some yellow in the prints above my sofa, would pull from that palette, which I'm really into.  I also like geometric patterns a lot, and that's what this is.  The second rug is just a jute rug and is a little more safe considering my proclivity for redecorating and style mixing.  I haven't decided yet, nor do I have the dough to fork over, but stay tuned, I will be getting a rug soon.

8)  A new dresser.  I bought mine at the Salvation Army for $30.  Which is pretty incredible.  For a dresser.  But I want something less shabby chic.  When I first started decorating all I wanted was shabby chic, but now I sort of hate it.  I am finding myself to be very vintage modern as of late, and I think it's a trend that will continue.  Shape wise I would rather have a long and low dresser.  My bedroom definitely needs some updating and refreshing, a little modernizing, but it's not at the top of my list since everything functions in there at present.  But definitely something to keep an eye out for if I spot a deal.

Dresser wise, I would love an antique dark wood dresser.  There's something really elegant about this one:

via The Haystack Needle
But then again I could always go mid century...

via Pinterest
I guess it all depends!

Well, now you've got the skinny on my apartment and my long term wish list.  It's like I have a chronic case of empty nest syndrome even though I am childless.  I think it might be genetic.  Beware folks.  What are you guys wishing for lately?

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