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Monday, October 10, 2011

Okay so remember a while ago I posted about a typography "LOVE" print? 

Here's the picture of it below.  Remember how I said it would be pretty easy to do yourself and that I would post about it soon?

Well, that day has come my friends.  I was inspired by this image and wanted a canvas typography painting so I made one myself.

Very simple.  You need:  a canvas (I did 18x24), stencils (mine are helvetica 4"), paint (I used acrylic), paint brush, pencil, painter's tape, and eraser. 

So first I traced out so I would have an idea of spacing.  I measured so that the letters had about 1" spacing and were in the middle of the canvas.  I traced out lightly with pencil to help me out since I hate measuring things.

Then I placed the stencil in the right spot, securing with painter's tape so I wouldn't fudge.


Remove the stencils and let the paint dry, then erase your pencil marks later.  Voila!

I love it, how about you?  I'm planning on getting a cheapy Ikea frame for it.  And then it will go on my gallery wall-YAY!  Oh and sorry for the low quality pics.  It wasn't very bright out when I finished.

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