Flea Market Finds and a Weekend of Adventure

Monday, October 24, 2011

What a glorious weekend.  So sad that it has ended.  I've got a biddie in town visiting me and we decided to road trip it down to San Diego (or San Diaaahhhgo as we prefer to call it).  Then we did lots of fun stuff on Sunday too including some very touristy things that I have been wanting to do but haven't had the time.  When I moved out here I had about 3 days of down time before I had to start working, so whenever friends come out to visit I am usually always down for a little tourist action.

We stopped at La Jolla (we kept calling it La Holla, as in pass me some more Challah bread) on the way down to SD:


Some crazy peeps were swimming with the seals and walruses (walri? those little black dots soaking up the marine layer to the left).

Anyways, a good portion of Sunday was spent at the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market.  And this is where it really gets good:

BAM!  What's that you say?  A mid-century dresser?  How much was it?  Only a hundie?  Are you for real?  YES I AM.  I have been ogling dressers like this for QUITE some time; lusting after the beautiful wood color, timeless design, clean modern lines...and oh yeah.  This one's MINE!  Pretty incredible if you ask me.  I was on a flea market high for the rest of the day--there's nothing quite like crossing something big off your wish list!

Here are some other fun things I spotted at the flea:

 A pretty little oil painting that is now mine to add to my gallery wall that has yet to be hung.  Soon folks, soon, I will get around to hanging up all my artwork. 

 Some antique clocks.  I didn't snag any of these, but I do really like them, especially that rectangular one in the back.  My grandmother collects antique clocks...maybe she is tired of doing that and will want to share?

A library card catalog piece.  I really like these but this one was an odd size, not quite big enough for a coffee table--plus I have no room for it anywhere in my apartment.

Mason jar pendant lighting.  I thought these were pretty awesome looking, and would be so fun to have in a backyard for parties.  I feel like this could be a good DIY project.  Too bad I have no backyard here in LA.

 You all know my weakness for signs, and this one is pretty sweet. 

A tryptic.  I love them, and this one in particular was so beautiful to me.  When I first asked about it he wanted $90, but later on he was asking $75.  Still too much for my liking considering I would have to find frames for them--but the colors and detailing were really beautiful.

That's all for pictures--once I found my dresser I had eyes for it only.  Now to get rid of my old dresser...

So we also had some tourist time this weekend and hiked in Griffith Park up to the Observatory:

And we also caught the Hollywood sign.  MAJOR tourist moment, even though I am not a tourist and I live here.  Regardless, it was pretty exciting to see the Hollywood sign in all its glory.

How was your weekend?

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