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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love the way an eclectic looking gallery wall can really add a big wow factor of visual interest in any room.  There really aren't any rules when it comes to creating a gallery wall, which is perhaps why I am so drawn to them--my tastes are definitely all over the place.  When it comes to gallery walls, I'm less attracted to the matchy-matchy family picture sort and more drawn to ones that incorporate different forms of art in mismatched frames.  I'm talking modern screen prints, vintage oil paintings, pastely water colors, etc.  I'm slowly building up a collection of art for a gallery wall, but have been a little hesitant to actually commit to hanging things on the wall.  Mostly due in part to the fact that I haven't decided 100% which wall I want to hang everything on, and also have some things that I haven't had a chance to frame yet.  I'm also debating incorporating picture ledges since I have a couple that I'd like to use in a different way than they are being used now.  I sort of want to hang everything above my bed now too, but am debating the odds of surviving an earthquake only to be killed by a multitude of falling artwork.  [Sigh], decisions, decisions.

Anyway, here are some inspiration pictures of the look I'm shooting for in my own gallery:

I like how the art is all over the place here, in varying sizes, different frames, some hung and some leaning on the ground.  There is balance in color schemes here as well, a neutral piece in the middle, red and purple hues on opposite sides, and the same with the blues.  The placement of the different hues provides balance and a more unified look.
via Angie Hranowsky
Lots of different types of art here, varying in style from the modern one in the middle and more traditional silhouette portrait to the right.  Notice how in all of these images there is a central focal point focusing your eye to that piece before allowing it to wander.  Having that central piece helps ground your eye.
via Pinterest
 This gallery is hung in more of an oval pattern on the wall, another aspect to consider when hanging your artwork.  The varying sizes and frames are arranged to loosely form a shape on the wall.
via Style by Emily Henderson
This has a great mix of neutral pieces and some that have a little pop of color.  Some of these pieces are more masculine, others more feminine.  One of the more tame gallery walls in my opinion.
via Stephmodo
Pretty out there in terms of pattern, color and scale, but with more of a unified theme (notice any florals?)
via Grammercy
Quirky and intense but also awesome.  Lots of different scales here and many different mediums.  No limitations either--this gallery takes up the entire wall.
via Red Glasses
I think what I like most about gallery walls is that it allows you to showcase different styles in a very personal way.  Scale is also really important in my opinion--you want to have varying sizes of art to keep the wall from looking stale.  But for the most part--there really aren't any rules involved.  Hang things in frames or without them, big or small, paintings or signs, objects or mirrors even--anything goes.  As long as you like the piece, there is going to be a place for it on your gallery wall.

As far as how to hang your artwork, Emily Henderson from Secrets from a Stylist (the best design show out there) has a great how-to guide.  I can't tell you how many holes I put in the wall trying to hang things evenly--and when I read this I had a major DUH moment.  In other words, don't feel bad if it never occurred to you to create mounting patterns on paper prior to putting 2934872346 million holes in your wall!

Soon I'll post about updates to my gallery wall and what sorts of art I've got goin' on.  And maybe, just maybe I will get around to painting my living room this weekend.  Boy, I'm really thinking ambitiously today...

What do you think about gallery walls?

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