Mid-Century Modern

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mid-Century Modern is probably one of my favorite styles of design when it comes to furniture.  This style can be seen in architecture and interiors as well, and is characterized by simple defined lines, natural shapes, and high quality.  Mid-century modern furniture is sleek and elegant in design and has thus stood the test of time; for me these pieces will always be classic and timeless. 

The images below are some beautiful examples of mid-century architecture and design, by Jens Risom (photography by John Zimmerman)

Talk about a weekend getaway.  I would spend all my weekends there if I could!

I think today when people speak of mid-century modern, almost everyone associates it with Mad Men.  The show certainly is all about mid-century modern, and has some amazingly styled sets:

Man would I love to be a set stylist for Mad Men.  The design of mid-century modern furniture is all about a no frills approach that embraces functionality and comfort.  With a fundamental approach to design like that, how could it ever go out of style?

This type of furniture is unfortunately pretty pricey.  Scavenge craigslist and ebay for some more affordable finds, but also check out Urban Outfitters.  They have a bunch of great pieces that are not originals, but have that mid-century modern feel to their design.

All images via Urban Outfitters.  They may not be the originals, but they are pretty cost effective imitations.  What do you think of this type of design?  Have you caught the mid-century modern bug like I have?

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  1. Perhaps the most enduring and iconic piece of Mid-Century modern furniture is the Eames Lounge Chair (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eames_Lounge_Chair) an item I have lusted after for the better part of my adult life. Great post, Meg.


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