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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I came across these pictures today and thought I would share my thoughts about them with you.  These images are from Jeremiah Brent's portfolio.
via Apartment Therapy
Okay, check this guy out.  This is something that is totally my style.  I love the rustic wood and iron console, mostly because its clean lined and simple, and reclaimed wood is totally awesome.  This vignette is styled to perfection, and it's totally eclectic, which is totally a huge part of my style.  And there are antlers.  I've been wanting some antlers FOREVER, and I keep seeing them at flea markets but I keep not wanting to pay $30 for a decent sized antler shed (meaning they fell off naturally).  There's something so rustic and masculine about antlers that I really love, and they are an element of nature which I think is an important aspect to incorporate into any home--be it flowers, plants, driftwood, antlers, etc.  I'm pretty into that portrait as well, definitely vintage and serves to draw your eye upwards--it balances out the space by adding height that mirrors the lamp and antlers on the opposite side.  I'm not sure what that metal piece in the middle shelf is, but it's cool and gadgety looking.  And the wishbone.  By some strange miracle I have already been lusting after it here.  It's awesome and I want it to sit atop my coffee table books.  And the sign...I love me some vintage signage, especially if it lights up.  I have an amazing old pharmacy sign (that lights up) in my apartment.  I like that its sitting on the ground instead of hung, and I also like how it breaks up the lines by going outside the console.  And did you guys notice all the contrast?  The bright white lamp with the rustic dark portrait?  The neon sign with the natural wood?  The silver metal and brass?  All in all, pretty awesome vignette.
via Apartment Therapy
 Here's another shot by Jeremiah.  He is styling so awesomely that I would totally sing a song about him being a bullfrog.  But back to the design--again with the rustic wood and iron accents.  Those stools are amazing and the legs are so structural and beautiful.  I like the playful mix of using both stools and a bench; mismatch is always good in my book.  The glass orb pendant lighting, so pretty, doesn't take up a lot of visual space and lets your eye continue on to the shelving unit behind it.  Notice how he styles it with a mix of lots of different things, books, art, objects, even that crazy lamp to the left that's protruding out of the shelf.  The vintage seltzer bottles (weakness, I have 3 at the moment) in the wire basket, and to the right you can see some sort of star burst object that's hung on the exterior of the shelf.  Books stacked vertically and horizontally, and each shelf has just the right about of height and space around the objects.  I think my own bookshelf might be a little cluttered--I may need to revisit that at some point.  Jeremiah Brent, you have a great eye.  Come design my apartment?

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