Glam Infusion

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm constantly trying to put a label on my personal style, and I constantly fail to come up with a 3-4 word catch phrase that encompasses it all.  What I will say is that at present I have a lot of vintage, rustic, some shabby chic (which I am very over), and some modern pieces when it comes to furniture.  And then some hand me downs.  My shabby chic stuff falls into the category of it was cheap and I needed it yesterday.  My dresser was such, only $30 bucks, but I recently found a gorgeous mid century modern dresser to replace it with.  Other pieces that I'd like to replace are my nightstands, desk, media unit, and for the love of god, my sofa.  Clearly, this isn't happening today, or even tomorrow.  Before I purchase anymore bigger ticket items I want to make sure that I've further defined my style to some extent.  While I realized that our tastes are always changing and evolving, and with an eclectic eye like mine I tend to gravitate towards lots of different styles and eras of furniture and decor that you wouldn't necessarily think could work together.  Sometimes you just don't have a choice.  But now I'm at the point where the only big ticket NEW items that I would like to get (and don't already have) are a headboard and a rug for the living room.  So when it comes to upgrading some of my other stuff, I really want to be careful about the styles and pieces I purchase.  I want them to be versatile and timeless, but more importantly be absolutely sure it's a style that I won't grow tired of.

I have tons of vintage which I love.  I've got modern bookshelves and side chairs, a traditional sofa, cottage kitchen chairs, etc. etc.  What I am realizing is that part of me really likes the glam/glitzy/girly stuff too.  The big pink artwork, the parsons desk, the brass and porcelain accents, a ghost chair, sheepskin throws, blue and pink pillows...The more blogs/magazines/pinterest pins I look at, the more I am able to hone in on the exact elements that I feel drawn to, and subsequently what I am missing in my own decor.

Design Sponge
Take this image above.  I'm instantly drawn to it, but when I really look closely there are a couple of things here that stick out.  The first is the headboard.  That headboard is the kind of headboard I dream about.  It is the ideal style for me.  It's upholstered, a neutral white, with a subtle scroll shape and nail-head detailing.  Everything about it I want in my home behind my bed.  SO BADLY.  This is the first headboard I've come across that incorporates all the elements I am looking for in the right way.  Its not overly fussy, but it's lines are definitely feminine, and the nail-head detailing adds just enough interest to draw a little attention to it.  Naomi Stein, the ridiculously lucky woman who owns this beaut of a headboard came by this dreamboat through her sister who found it at an Urban Outfitters sample sale for $60.  If I used profanities on this blog, this is where I would use MANY.  My envy is overwhelming.  It's the same feeling that comes over me when I see pictures of beautiful Eames loungers in lovely interior shots whereby the owner just so happened to find a lounger and ottoman on the street in pristine condition.  Seriously, this is a phenomena that occurs, and I have come across about 5 different blogs with the same tale, so the pain is somewhat lessened by the fact that I've encountered these crazy and ridiculous stories before.  But never have I ever heard of a $60 perfect headboard.  WAH.  The other element in this image I'm liking is the Marilyn artwork on the wall.  I've been really into pink lately.

Living Etc. via Peacock Feathers

I have a thing for signage and letters, as in I'm obsessed with them.  I have two signs in my apartment, one is an old Budweiser sign and the other is my HUGE green pharmacy sign, ironically that both light up.  Maybe I'm into light up signs.  Strange.  Regardless, I LOVE this 'love' sign.  It's decidedly more feminine than my manly distressed signs and I am really starting to dig gold accent pieces around the home.  Those bulbs are totally Hollywood let me put on my makeup like a movie star glam.  Also that little corner of a chesterfield sofa is amazing.

via Made by Girl

I'm green with envy over this super girly work space.  I don't have an office or anything (clearly) so this sort of nook is right up my alley.  I like the simple white desk--I've been seeing 'X' tables a lot recently, and the ghost chair seems to be the classic glam accent chair on the street.  The print above it--'For Like Ever' seems to be pretty popular, but I am still into it.  You can buy it here and some day I plan to for myself.  Here's a closer-up of the details:

via Peep My Style
Little hits of pink everywhere, a glass and brass trinket box, stacked books, glass lamp, etc.  I'm obsessed with that dinosaur, evidently purchased for under $5.  It's all in the details...

via Design Sponge
Here's another work space, still ultra feminine but a little darker and moodier.  I love the bold black lampshade and edgy black and white framed photo. 

via Design Sponge
Pretty bar set up.  The pastel painting is feminine and colorful, the decanters have that old world ornate feel to them, and I really like the brass and glass bar cart on casters.  I would LOVE to have a bar cart like that to use as a nightstand. 

So, on my "Glam it Up" wish list (for now...):

A headboard--this is the closest thing I've been able to find to the one pictured up top, and that's a decent price at $349.99 for a queen with free shipping.


A plain and simple desk along these lines:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

A faceted mirror like this:

West Elm

Some cake stands to corral perfume or use as decor:

Girly artwork:

via 20x200

Some bold throws:

Urban Outfitters

A brass lamp:


What's your style?  And more importantly...what's on your wish list??

Shelf Styling

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Faithful, loyal, and (not so) numerous readers:  I am sorry for my radio silence as of late.  I got hit hard with a gross cold last week and have been having a tough time recovering.  Last night I could look at my bookshelf no more, and decided something had to be done.  Here are some of the images that really inspired me to redesign my bookshelf, each with different elements that I incorporated into my own shelf styling. 

Alternating stacking books horizontally and vertically.  Artwork layered in.
via Peacock Feathers

Great example of a very well styled bookshelf.  The books are organized by color, and collections are paired together.  These shelves aren't over styled or too cluttered which I really like.  The ability to not over accessorize is something I need to work on with my own shelving.  Artwork is dispersed throughout and even hung on the actual shelving; with varying sizes is really important.  Stacked books create a pedestal for the antlers pictured up top, a great technique to showcase an object.  I also really really love that brass peacock in the foreground...
via Peacock Feathers

I love the rhino up top, it's the first thing my eye is drawn to.  I need one.  I also like how it's the only thing on the shelf here.  I wish I could do something like that and just let it be, but my tendency is to fill the space and layer objects rather than let them stand alone.  Maybe it's just that I don't have anything making that big of a statement.  Also pictured here is the idea of displaying books cover first.  In the middle both on the left and right you can see books with interesting covers standing upright and face forward rather than stacked. 
via Peacock Feathers

Different type of shelving here, long and low, but still some take away concepts.  Arranging books by color, stacking any which way they will fit.  I like the contrast of the haphazardly arranged books below and the clean simple artwork above.
via Design Sponge

One of my favorite images of a styled shelf.  Objects are layered with the "rule of three"--the idea that things grouped together in a set of three are more pleasing to the eye.  I have to say, I've found it to be true in more cases than not.  Fairly neutral color palate here, whites with gold accents, and various hues of blues.  My colors are kind of all over the place.  I don't have enough things to edit down to a simple color palate--my shelving is huge.  Again, not over styled.
via Style by Emily Henderson

The height of all the objects in this arrangement is the most striking to me.  Books, bowls and boxes, pottery pieces, vessels, and vintage finds are what make this shelf unique.
via Style by Emily Henderson

A huge art piece is the major focal point here, which is actually covering the TV.  A great solution to hide a not so pretty electronic piece.
via Style by Emily Henderson

These shelves are pretty packed to the brim, but the clean white boxes tone down the clutter.  I love hanging that piece of artwork on the actual shelf, it focuses the eye.
via Simply Grove

Close up of minimalist shelving.  Vintage objects create a simple vignette.
via Apartment Therapy

I often don't like to mix pictures with artwork, but here I think it's a nice personal touch.  The papier mâché bird is the statement piece here, with stacked books below adding much needed height.
via Pinterest

Majority of this shelving unit is occupied by books, with a few objects thrown in here and there.  Even a simple display with your home library can look great.
via Pinterest

Okay.  So all these images had me itching to redo my bookshelf.  Last night I got in the zone and took a good hard look at my shelving to decide what areas I wasn't crazy about.  My before shots:

A bit of a closer look here:

The bottom right shelving was what was bothering me the most.  I have that big white pillar and had ordered a smaller one to pair with it that unfortunately was out of stock before they could ship my order.  Standing alone it just wasn't doing anything for me.  I also wasn't crazy about the top right display where the collection of red books sits, and that shelf below it with the mirror and pink record backdrop.

I also have this shelving over the TV, which I WAS happy with, but wound up pulling some pieces from there to redo the big bookshelf.

So here is what I did.  I took down practically everything on my shelf except for the gas cans up top and the magazine holders on the bottom.  I gathered up all my books and objects, bowls, artwork, etc.  The first thing I did was to stack all my books on the floor according to color.  Any collections I had stayed together--I have a set of red books that are kind of falling apart, and a bunch of Reader's Digest books with really pretty patterns.  I have a ton more of these sitting in my grandmother's basement that I need to get her to send to me. 

I wish I had taken some "during" pictures, but unfortunately it will be mostly narrative.  I started with the bigger ticket items.  I stacked all my big red books up top, as well as my Reader's Digest books.  I didn't have quite enough to fill the entire shelf so I took two pretty ones and displayed them like book ends.  Next I took an old crate that I had and put it in the larger shelf space, setting the white pillar aside.  You can't be married to any arrangement and have to be willing to switch things up.  The crate fit the space well and my green books were a good fit.  It's all about space planning.  I can't say that enough.  Two decorative binders line the side of the crate which hold my numerous tears from magazines.  I gathered up some green objects and layered them inside the crate--a vintage green juice jug, vessel from Z Gallerie, and old greensish blue insulator.

I switched a lot of things around and some items just wound up back where they started.  This shelving unit is from Ikea but is actually 3 different shelves, and the middle smaller one is meant for CD's (you know how I love to re-purpose!)  What I liked about this shelving was 1) it fit the space well, and 2) the shelves are moveable.  I like the look of asymmetrical shelving so I changed the height of the shelving to accommodate for larger objects and added in some extra shelves on the middle unit.

Next I just started filling space with my books, alternating stacking them horizontally and vertically.  On the bottom left is a blue shelf with a framed album backdrop, stacked books, and a little blue tin.  Those off white vessels on the middle left are from Anthropologie and are actually a great deal--I think the biggest one was $15.  Those floated around and finally came back to their original home.  A scale I had in the kitchen found a new life in the living room, and a stack of pink and orange books plays off the pink record behind it.  A bowl houses a bunch of old pink ornaments I found at the flea market this weekend.  The big clear apothecary jars I found at TJ Maxx for cheap.  The taller skinny one has a bunch of children's building blocks and game pieces found at a flea market, and the shorter wider one has a growing collection of matchbooks (my boyfriend's idea!).  I switched up some of the artwork on the shelf and displayed a few books cover first.  Then I filled in all the little pieces, like the gold skull, seltzer bottles and bud vases, etc.  I tried to put my favorite pieces at eye level, like the vintage fan, kitchen scale, ornaments, skull, and so on, playing with the arrangements until I was happy with it.  Here are the after pics:

 From another angle--sorry the quality isn't the greatest.

 In doing all of this, I wound up pulling some stuff from the shelving above the TV.  At the moment I'm not happy with it and liked it better before, but at some point you just have to take a step back and let it marinate.  Sometimes you see things differently another day. 

Closer-up of the big shelving:

It's not exactly where I want it to be, but it is much better than before in my opinion.  Areas to work on are the bottom left stack of white books, the bottom three shelves of the middle unit, the right side of the shelf with the fan.  I think I need a piece of framed modern artwork on that shelf, and to maybe disperse the magazine holders throughout the shelving so it's not so beige and boxy down there.  I'd like some more vessels/pottery pieces, some decorative boxes, etc.  I have a ton of vintage stuff so I want to integrate some more modern pieces.  Here are some of the more modern things I'm lusting after right now:

West Elm


Z Gallerie

Kate Spade

How do you style your shelving?

Sale Alert! Land's End

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Land's End is doing 40% off any one item (full price) through November 17th.  Have you guys checked out their home goods lately?  Here are a couple of items that make me want to take advantage of that 40% off!

Embroidered Circles Decorative Pillow Cover

Dhurrie Decorative Pillow Cover

Seaforth Natural Ottoman

Mariner Knit Throw
I need that circles pillow.  Badly.  Promotion Code: FROST PIN: 9471

DIY Shelf

Monday, November 14, 2011

I saw this in a magazine quite some time ago, and loved the look of having vintage brackets/corbels with reclaimed wood as shelving.  I think I also just love the vibe of this rustic country mudroom--crates, farmhouse sink, vintage locker baskets, reclaimed wood shelving, mason jars, flowers...forget about it. So thus began my hunt for cool brackets/corbels.  When I was at the flea market I found these ornate iron brackets that I loved and thought would be the perfect thing for a shelf.  As I am the queen of procrastination (about that living room painting project...) it took forever for me to follow through on this, but I finally have the finished product to share with you.

So--first step was to get a piece of pine board.  I got a big piece cut to size at the Home Depot.  The rest of the wood was claimed by my boyfriend as karate boards to break in half.  Yes, that was said in all sincerity.  Anyway, got the pine board, and Minwax wood stain in Walnut and Special Walnut.  It took me quite a bit of time to find the right stain.  I originally wanted a driftwood stain but the sample chip was missing and I didn't want to risk buying if I couldn't see what it would look like.  After spying a DIY pipe shelving unit made by Morgan from The Brick House I decided I really liked the stain she used, and my brackets are the same color as the piping so I knew it would look good.  She used Dark Walnut and Walnut and mixed the two stains together to achieve the desired color.  I followed suit with my own staining, albeit with Walnut and Special Walnut.  Mixing the two together, I used a sponge brush to stain the wood, letting it sit for a while before wiping off any excess with a cloth.  I played with the stain and did maybe a 60/40 ratio lighter stain/darker stain.  You have to let it dry for a few hours before its ready to use. 

I then affixed my brackets measuring 4" in on either side of the shelf.  The brackets have to be fixed so they will sit flush against the wall.  My piece of board was a little warped so one bracket is just a hair off the edge of the shelf.  With DIY projects, these are the types of things you just have to work with.  (Did I spill my stain mixture all over myself and the floor?  Maybe, but I worked with it.  Now I have sweats specifically for wood staining.)  After all the measurements were set we drilled it right into the wall, and voila! 

 Underneath that shelf and fabric board is my desk and if there weren't a million things on it I would have taken a picture of the whole set up but I'll save that for another day.  I need to do a little fall cleaning and organizing of all my desk items and papers.  Maybe this weekend...

So I got it...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Now I just need to put it on the walls...

Sale Alert! Kantha Quilts on Swirl!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Swirl is featuring Couleur Nature Vintage Kantha Quilts today.  They are one-of-a-kind lightweight quilts hand stitched with vintage Indian textiles.  I love me some Kantha, and if I didn't already have one at home would be fighting for one now.

Click here if you need an invite to Swirl.

Thrifty Finds and Storage Solutions

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thought I would give you a quickie update on my latest finds.  A couple of weeks ago while perusing a strange sort of clothing gallery opening, (still not really sure what it was) I came across this totally nutty but awesome skull equipped for a short swim, perhaps in the LA river:

The lucite, the swim cap...

I love skulls.  We'll just leave it at that.  So when I found this at Urban Outfitters I had to take it home with me, no questions asked.

It's technically a piggy bank but right now it's sitting on my bookshelf keeping an eye on the happenings in my apartment.

At a thrift store I found a tiny brass and glass trinket pentagon thing.  I don't really know what to call it but I like it and for $2 it came home with me. 

White pottery vase.

I really like pottery--in fact in high school I used to take ceramics and made some pretty awesome stuff that my family got as gifts for many years.  The first semester I took ceramics I excelled at throwing tiny 3" vases.  If you took a nice trip to my house in Pennsylvania you would find lots and lots of tiny useless vases. Later on I progressed to bowls, mugs and teapots, and even dabbled in porcelain.  While I did improve my skills and made things larger than 3 inches, I never could throw something quite as large as this vessel, so I was happy to scoop this plain and simple guy up.

And then there was this.  The brass coat rack!  A total steal at only $20 from the thrift store.  It's not totally perfect, it's missing a little brass knob thinger on the top--kinda like a tiny tiny brass hub cap (Hey!  A car analogy!  Who woulda thought??), and the brass is a little dull.  Anyone know how to brighten up brass pieces?  I need to figure that out.  But still--totally great find:

I desperately was looking for a coat rack to corral all my bags.  There are certain items that women own which do not always have the easiest storage solutions.  Take my bags--for the most part they sat in a bin in my closet until I found this coat rack.  Now all my bags are out and visible and easy to find when I need to grab and go.  Other female accessory storage conundrums include scarves, bracelets, and headbands (any others you can think of?).  My ideal storage situation for scarves I think would be to hang them on a cute rustic ladder like this:
via Pinterest - Cupcakes and Cashmere
Still searching for that one...

But in the mean time, do you have any creative and functional storage solutions for tough-to-store items?  How about something that you keep meaning to find a better way to store it?  Comment below!  Perhaps I have a solution for you, or you for me!
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