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Monday, November 7, 2011

I bought this cute elephant teapot a while ago from the World Market:

But--I didn't buy it to make tea.  I love the idea of using different types of containers/jars/vessels as vases or planters.  In my opinion, you can use it as a vase if it can hold water.  Flowers instantly brighten up any room and you can get them for cheap at your local farmer's market or even Trader Joe's.  This weekend was frigid for California standards (50's) so I wanted to bring a little bit of Spring home with me and tried out my teapot vase for the first time.  My go to vases tend to be mason jars or coffee cans, but there is something about this little elephant that I love:

I also scooped up some Dahlias which were the most vibrant color:

Ignore all the other stuff--I snapped this shot quickly this morning before I had any coffee.  But DO focus on that amazing saturated bright bright pink color.  How pretty are they? 

Here are some other fun ideas for vases/planters:

via Design Sponge
via Style by Emily Henderson

via Country Living
 I think I might have to try the vintage milk bottle one.  What do you use for your floral arrangements?

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