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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm constantly trying to put a label on my personal style, and I constantly fail to come up with a 3-4 word catch phrase that encompasses it all.  What I will say is that at present I have a lot of vintage, rustic, some shabby chic (which I am very over), and some modern pieces when it comes to furniture.  And then some hand me downs.  My shabby chic stuff falls into the category of it was cheap and I needed it yesterday.  My dresser was such, only $30 bucks, but I recently found a gorgeous mid century modern dresser to replace it with.  Other pieces that I'd like to replace are my nightstands, desk, media unit, and for the love of god, my sofa.  Clearly, this isn't happening today, or even tomorrow.  Before I purchase anymore bigger ticket items I want to make sure that I've further defined my style to some extent.  While I realized that our tastes are always changing and evolving, and with an eclectic eye like mine I tend to gravitate towards lots of different styles and eras of furniture and decor that you wouldn't necessarily think could work together.  Sometimes you just don't have a choice.  But now I'm at the point where the only big ticket NEW items that I would like to get (and don't already have) are a headboard and a rug for the living room.  So when it comes to upgrading some of my other stuff, I really want to be careful about the styles and pieces I purchase.  I want them to be versatile and timeless, but more importantly be absolutely sure it's a style that I won't grow tired of.

I have tons of vintage which I love.  I've got modern bookshelves and side chairs, a traditional sofa, cottage kitchen chairs, etc. etc.  What I am realizing is that part of me really likes the glam/glitzy/girly stuff too.  The big pink artwork, the parsons desk, the brass and porcelain accents, a ghost chair, sheepskin throws, blue and pink pillows...The more blogs/magazines/pinterest pins I look at, the more I am able to hone in on the exact elements that I feel drawn to, and subsequently what I am missing in my own decor.

Design Sponge
Take this image above.  I'm instantly drawn to it, but when I really look closely there are a couple of things here that stick out.  The first is the headboard.  That headboard is the kind of headboard I dream about.  It is the ideal style for me.  It's upholstered, a neutral white, with a subtle scroll shape and nail-head detailing.  Everything about it I want in my home behind my bed.  SO BADLY.  This is the first headboard I've come across that incorporates all the elements I am looking for in the right way.  Its not overly fussy, but it's lines are definitely feminine, and the nail-head detailing adds just enough interest to draw a little attention to it.  Naomi Stein, the ridiculously lucky woman who owns this beaut of a headboard came by this dreamboat through her sister who found it at an Urban Outfitters sample sale for $60.  If I used profanities on this blog, this is where I would use MANY.  My envy is overwhelming.  It's the same feeling that comes over me when I see pictures of beautiful Eames loungers in lovely interior shots whereby the owner just so happened to find a lounger and ottoman on the street in pristine condition.  Seriously, this is a phenomena that occurs, and I have come across about 5 different blogs with the same tale, so the pain is somewhat lessened by the fact that I've encountered these crazy and ridiculous stories before.  But never have I ever heard of a $60 perfect headboard.  WAH.  The other element in this image I'm liking is the Marilyn artwork on the wall.  I've been really into pink lately.

Living Etc. via Peacock Feathers

I have a thing for signage and letters, as in I'm obsessed with them.  I have two signs in my apartment, one is an old Budweiser sign and the other is my HUGE green pharmacy sign, ironically that both light up.  Maybe I'm into light up signs.  Strange.  Regardless, I LOVE this 'love' sign.  It's decidedly more feminine than my manly distressed signs and I am really starting to dig gold accent pieces around the home.  Those bulbs are totally Hollywood let me put on my makeup like a movie star glam.  Also that little corner of a chesterfield sofa is amazing.

via Made by Girl

I'm green with envy over this super girly work space.  I don't have an office or anything (clearly) so this sort of nook is right up my alley.  I like the simple white desk--I've been seeing 'X' tables a lot recently, and the ghost chair seems to be the classic glam accent chair on the street.  The print above it--'For Like Ever' seems to be pretty popular, but I am still into it.  You can buy it here and some day I plan to for myself.  Here's a closer-up of the details:

via Peep My Style
Little hits of pink everywhere, a glass and brass trinket box, stacked books, glass lamp, etc.  I'm obsessed with that dinosaur, evidently purchased for under $5.  It's all in the details...

via Design Sponge
Here's another work space, still ultra feminine but a little darker and moodier.  I love the bold black lampshade and edgy black and white framed photo. 

via Design Sponge
Pretty bar set up.  The pastel painting is feminine and colorful, the decanters have that old world ornate feel to them, and I really like the brass and glass bar cart on casters.  I would LOVE to have a bar cart like that to use as a nightstand. 

So, on my "Glam it Up" wish list (for now...):

A headboard--this is the closest thing I've been able to find to the one pictured up top, and that's a decent price at $349.99 for a queen with free shipping.


A plain and simple desk along these lines:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

A faceted mirror like this:

West Elm

Some cake stands to corral perfume or use as decor:

Girly artwork:

via 20x200

Some bold throws:

Urban Outfitters

A brass lamp:


What's your style?  And more importantly...what's on your wish list??

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