Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally!  I got home after work yesterday and was DETERMINED to paint my living room.  I've been putting it off forever.  First, buying the paint, and then I think I had the paint for a few weeks before I actually got down to painting.  I've only had one minor experience painting a room and that was maybe 5 years ago when I was down at my grandparent's house in Mississippi.  I decided I wanted to paint my room down there, which is right up my grandmother's alley.  She's retired now but sells assorted goodies at a her booth in an antique mall down south.  My grandfather is maybe the world's handiest person (he designed and built our current house) so he is always building stuff for which my grandmother in turn paints and sells to all those college students looking for furniture and decor.  Long story short, we got the paint and I painted one 2 foot wall before I got fatigued and quit.  Manual labor isn't really my strong suit seeing as I have blisters on my hands from painting two small living room accent walls.  Oh well.



Pictures aren't great, and I still haven't put all the furniture back yet, but the walls are painted!  And that's the biggest hurdle.  Since all the furniture is all over the place anyway, I'm thinking about trying a different layout.  The restrictions are really that one whole wall is windows, and also that our cable cord is run to a certain spot so our TV is kinda stuck where it is.  I'll update with some better pictures once things are straightened out.

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