West Elm Opening - WeHo

Friday, December 16, 2011

Guess what kiddies?  I got to go to the West Elm opening in West Hollywood.  Lots of people, great stuff, amazing bloggers and designers, 20% off the entire store, cocktails and appetizers...It was a fabulous and fun night.

The layout of the store is spectacular.  There's even this little window room right in the middle of the store--from an architectural standpoint it's totally different and beautiful.

The upstairs is almost like a loft space that wraps around the entire store.

Oh look! It's Joy Cho from Oh Joy! 

I forget what that letter said but it was funny.

Decent turnout!  And look at those exposed beams!

Lots of sparkly things that I wanted to take home with me

Fun paper lanterns (that were sparkly too) that you could easily make at home.

Pretty centerpiece

View from the top was primo for people watching

They sectioned off that little windowed room area further with big bookcases which is a great way to make a room divider.

The West Elm wall!

Look who else I bumped into!  Emily Henderson and Orlando Soria from Secrets from a Stylist (among many other fabulous designy things).  Emily just got signed on for another two seasons of SFAS (thank god!) and she is also amping up her own design business.  I'm jealous.  They both have awesome blogs too so definitely check them out!

All in all, a totally fun night.  I wound up taking home this super graphic chevron printed duvet and shams:

Funny...I just noticed I also have that nail-head upholstered bench at the foot of the bed.   I love me some West Elm!

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