DIY: Mason Jar Soap Pump

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I can't really stake too much claim on this one as my very handy boyfriend did the drilling, but it was my initiative and supplies that got this soap dispenser made.  I had a vintage blue mason jar, and kept seeing them turned into dispensers all over the place.  I happened to have an old soap pump laying around from a dispenser that I don't use anymore, so I decided to take advantage.  I'm sure you can find soap pumps on the cheap at The Home Depot. 

The beautiful thing about mason jars is that even if they are vintage, new canning lids will fit on them securely.  The next step was to drill a hole that would fit the top most part of the pump snugly.  I have 2 different drills, one that is smaller and lime green which I'm really comfortable using (mostly in part to the fact that it is lime green), and another big girl drill that you have to plug in and makes a lot of noise and spins VERY fast.  This is where my boyfriend came in handy, as he is accustomed to using grown-up drills while I base my usage on color.  Once you make the hole just affix the pump to the jar and you're all set!

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