Good Things

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just a few things worth sharing...

Simple and sweet everyday jewelry
Vintage distressed leather suitcases at the Salvation Army Boutique Store
 Hot pink skull tweezers!
 Leaning artwork on my nightstand
A stormy sunset in Venice

Palm Springs

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Okay.  Let's talk for a second about how I haven't blogged in a while.  Lo siento.  Truly, I have tons and tons of ideas floating around in my head but I've barely had a second to myself.  I'm also changing jobs which I'm super excited about, but that means that old work has been dominating my life.  And then I was away for the weekend too, sipping one of these big girl drinks (how about that 'we don't trust you not to spill on yourself cup'?):
 by the pool in Palm Springs...
and hiking in Joshua Tree.
It was a birthday present to my manly 25 year old boyfriend, and we had a fantastic trip.  
Here he is climbing some big rocks:
Here are some palm trees and mountains:
Palm trees and mountains are one of the reasons I love California.  Where else can you get these views?!

Online Mags

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do you guys read online magazines?  I feel like as of late they are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason.  The game is changing out there, and a big part of it is due to the internet.  I mean just look at social media, and how influential it has been for businesses.  Or how about blogs?  These days I feel like everyone has a blog and original content is hard to come by, which is why some of the most valuable advice out there is to be yourself, because no one else can be you.  Let's face it folks--the way we interact with new media is evolving.  So it's no surprise that traditional publications are also developing with the advent of online magazines.  Take a gander at a few of my favorites and see if any of them strike your fancy.  These publications are mostly decor and design oriented, but really incorporate some original content and great stories.   One of the things I love most about online magazines is that with most of them you can click on an item pictured and it has a direct link to the source, which is something that print just can't do.  Take a couple moments and check out these great online publications:

I love that billboard: "I have everything I need".  Especially since the subject of the photo isn't exactly minimalist.  I think that should be my new mantra, because really, I do have everything I need.  Except for that Nespresso milk THAT would be useful, and definitely cut down the 3-4 minutes I spend every morning steaming my own milk for my mandatory latte.  It isn't even a question anymore, just a staple that my body demands in order to function.  I have grown accustomed to a) lattes every morning and b) the thinking that children's gummy vitamins are actually healthy for 23 year old adults.  I guess that's what you get when you have four younger brothers!

What online magazines are your faves?

Fake Shopping at West Elm

Monday, February 20, 2012

I think you all know by now that I am not only a compulsive but helpless addicted slave to shopping.  Did you ever read or see Confessions of a Shopaholic?  Well, book version, there is an awesome quote by Sophie Kinsella and it goes as follows:  "I love new clothes.  If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn't exist anymore."  Sometimes there are deep and cerebral quotes that inspire me, and sometimes it all comes down to total girl logic.  When I was 18, this rang SO true for me, but now that I'm at the old age of 23 most of my whining about shopping revolves around home decor like sofas and rugs.  Whilst I happen to be a self proclaimed shopaholic, I am also on the road to recovery.  I've kicked myself into a strict budget and am trying my best to be conservative, and thus far, I've done a pretty good job of it.  One of my major outlets is obviously blogging, seeing as 99% of the time East to West serves as a glorified wish list of things I can't afford so I blog about them, providing some relief.  Other coping mechanisms are online shopping, adding every little thing you want to your cart, and then mustering up your strength and closing out the window.  This method is slightly less helpful these days since a) most sites store your shopping cart even after you close the window, and b) I now get emails from sites that I've gone fake shopping on a few days later, with the subject line: "Forget Something?".  AS IF THAT HELPS ME.  Since that one bit me in the butt, my latest stint is fake shopping on my blog, and sharing with you all the things I fake mind purchased with all my unlimited brain power money.  Insane?  Sure.  But reforming ain't easy.  Disregarding space constraints and money, running on pure unadulterated desire, here's my fake take home loot.

Rustic wood shelving

A bright white Parsons desk...anyone see that one coming?
 Just a plush awesome graphic rug
 A basket for some blankets or towels
Some blue plates
 And gold flatware to go with them
 A sexy cowhide rug
 Patterned bowls
 A modern buffet that I'll use as a media console.  What, you can't tell me what to do.
 Faceted mirror
 Some candle holders
 Love me some terracotta, and in a lamp too!
 These bath rugs are crazy
 Don't mind if I do incorporate a ladder into the bathroom.  Maybe I'll hang some scarves on it in my bedroom too.
 Just a couple of pendant lights for the dining room
 Oh, and an rustic and industrial kitchen island, I'll take the stove too.
A modern woven bench for some unexpected seating in the dining room

Wouldn't it be glorious if West Elm decided to support me in my recovery and just give me a bunch of their amazing products?  Here's to hopin'!


It's Sunday,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

But we have Monday off which is glorious, so really it's fake Sunday.  I'm biking over to the Farmer's Market in Santa Monica for some crepes, coffee, produce and flowers, but before I go I wanted to share with you a little something from my excursion to the promenade yesterday.  Check out these incredible patterned wedges by Steve Madden, spied yesterday at Nordstroms:

GIMME, and happy fake Sunday!

Style Stalking: Amber Lewis

Friday, February 17, 2012

Check it folks.  You may have heard about Elle Decor's Bloggers Choice: 8 awesome guys and gals that are shaping the design world of 2012.  Among the nominees?  Some fun faces like Jenny Komenda from Little Green Notebook, and a new face (at least for me), Amber Lewis from Amber Interiors.  I checked her out and added her blog to my daily read list on google reader (totally useful way to house all your blog lists in one place).  And then...and then.  Casa Sugar did a little house tour of her 1960's California ranch-style home, and well, frankly her integration of textiles, patterns, and divergent styles totally blew me away.   Her style is like a comfortable bohemian oasis.  Amber's background is in textiles, and it shows in her playful mixing of patterns, colors and textures.  So--check out these amazing images from Casa Sugar's house tour!

LOOK AT THAT.  I mean, just LOOK!  I am in deep with this rug.  Well, really everything about this shot.  So starting with the rug and all it's patterned, colorful glory.  It grounds your eye and adds a playful pop to this dining area.  Second, the Eames chairs.  I love the juxtaposition of the crisp modern lines and materials of the chairs with the rustic wood/farmhouse style of the table.  And the sheepskin?  Forget about it!  I'm a big fan of unexpected seating around the dining table, be it mismatched chairs, or an unexpected bench in place of the other half of chairs like below.  There are a lot of different patterns going on here but they all work so well together.  She's also layered (in a few places) the kilim over a sisal rug wich is a technique I'd love to try but that would require that I own more than zero rugs.  I'm gonna have to work on that one...

This living room is textile and pattern heavy, but also with a laid back and relaxed vibe.  Your eye is immediately drawn to the Suzani ottoman which is really the focal point of the room, and also the center point.  The mix of patterns are all colors and elements drawn from the ottoman: the black and white in the rug, the light white ikat seat cushion pillows, the red throw pillows, even the grey in the throw.  These patterns and colors all work together so well because they are drawn from one piece that is the center point of the room, both physically and palette wise.

You can make the most of built-in shelving by artfully displaying a collection of books, vessels, pictures, and objects.   These shelves aren't overly accessorized or cluttered which is not exactly an easy feat.  Also notice that the most visually intriguing  objects are positioned at eye level.  You should always incorporate your favorite elements where you will see them the most.  Storage boxes and such are very useful of course, but put them up high or down low; they aren't essential elements contributing to the overall aesthetic of the shelving.  Amber has a seriously incredible collection of rich kilims that I am ridiculously envious of.  Especially since I don't have any rugs.  And even more so because I have carpeting in the bedroom when I am a die hard wood floors kind of gal.  

Office space that is shared with her husband:  I love the dual desks and subtle differences in decor that allow you to differentiate each person's space.  The sconces are a nice touch that add overhead lighting to the room.  The desk itself is built on file cabinets that provide storage for unsightly objects and papers.  I love the chevron printed curtains, as well as the giant fabric board for inspiration.  Foliage is always a nice natural touch, and the patterned pot is really unique.

Close up of Amber's desk: a great black and white photo, trays to corral odds and ends, a textile book for inspiration, bowls and containers for objects and pens, etc.

A great example of Amber's eye--lots of different patterns here arranged mostly by color, yet they are all distinctive patterns that are paired together so well.

The kitchen--blackboard walls and closets are popping up everywhere, and I have to say, it's a trend I am LOVING.  It's a fun and punchy element that's rather unexpected and highly customizable.

Oh, these patterns!  I can't get enough!  So dig this:  that patterned headboard?  It's a scarf, and wait for it: $17 from H&M.  Doesn't that just KILL you?!  Amber Lewis, I have SERIOUS shopper's envy of you right now!  And what a fun way to just change things up, throwing a pretty patterned scarf over your headboard.  I love this idea, considering I like to change my decor as often as I change my jewelry (read: a lot!).  And again, with the mixing patterns, the bold pink kilim throw, the chevron curtains, the diamond patterned rug (layered!)'s a lot of different elements going on but they all work so well together.  The rattan campaign nightstands are a great relaxed vibe and complement the pair of stools at the foot of the bed.  There's something to be said for artful symmetry.

 Closer up:

What do you think about this relaxed boho socal vibe?  And MAN, don't you wish you'd been at H&M that day??

*All images via Casa Sugar


Monday, February 13, 2012

Kate Spade has collaborated again with some talented designers to create fun and punchy e-valentines!  There are also some fantastic ones in the archives from last year.  Take some time tomorrow and send 'em to your valentines.   Also be sure to check out West Elm's e-valentines too!

Can't Live Without...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

1.  A classic pair of zipper backed boots: Steve Madden Lindley
2.  A go-to cross body bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Cross Body  3.  Guilty pleasure TV show:  True Blood  
4.  Easy makeup routine with SPF 20: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer  
5.  A scent for all seasons: Michael Kors Limited Edition Very Hollywood  
6.  My favorite magazine: Real Simple  7.  Caffeine addiction: Espresso Machine  
8.  Everyday gold earrings: Pyramid Studs

This is Real Life

Friday, February 10, 2012

Umm...yup.  This is happening.  Now in addition to not being able to wait for March 23rd for a certain premiere involving hunger and games, APRIL 17th!  Oh, April 17th, can you come a little sooner?  Is this post logical or coherent in any respect?  No.  Am I able to handle the angst of waiting for both a movie where teenagers fight to the death and almost make out, AND the reincarnation of perhaps the best decor/design magazine, ever?  Maybe check back with me because survival at this point is questionable at best.

Fitted Sheet Folding Master

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I've always firmly believed that the secret to folding fitted sheets is known only to 1)  mothers, and 2) packaging machines.  No matter how hard I try, I can never fold my fitted sheets perfectly, and it drives me up a wall.  Whenever new sheets are purchased I always pay way too much attention to the folding style when opening, however, I never can seem to duplicate that well.  I've even been known to put off washing sheets if I'm not in the right mind frame to tackle this arduous folding process.  Enter, of course, Martha, who has probably been folding fitted sheets like a pro since she was five.  Check out her how-to, and then, be forever grateful.
Martha Stewart

Color Story

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not that we have seasons in LA (as evidenced by the fact that I was sun bathing yesterday before the Super Bowl, in FEBRUARY), but stores are rolling out bright and fun spring lines which generally means a change of season is approaching.  I'm seeing lots of great patterns, bright hits of neon, color blocking, and tribal prints; this season seems to be all about bold colors.  I love the idea of pairing basic pieces with hits of bright color/pattern.  Here's a roundup of some of my favorite things I'm seeing for Spring:

Lots of stripes and bright colors.
Urban Outfitters
Bold and saturated colorful bag.
Francesca's Brilliant Bag
Lots of stripes--in both toned down colors and bright.  A striped dolman 
top is the perfect thing to pair with bright or pastel denim.
Bright denim in highlighter yellow.
American Eagle
Bold pink.
 Neon and neutral stripe.
 Bright pink and studded tunic--how can you go wrong here? 
Urban Outfitters
Dipped dyed colorful bags.
More muted stripes. 
These neon flats might be my favorite; tangerine is cropping up everywhere lately!
 Sunshine yellow denim.  A classic chambray in a relaxed button down 
seems to be the casual go-to pairing for any variety of colored denim.
Tribal: turquoise and orange are great color pairings.
American Eagle
Loving the subtle top and boldly patterned trim.
Urban Outfitters
My favorite denim so far, I love the pretty lilac pastel with the bright pink exposed zipper.
I can't get enough of this playful turquoise and pink patterned scarf.
American Eagle
Pink is my new favorite color.
I'm obsessed with colored denim and really need to scoop up a pair for myself.  My favorite looks are with a relaxed chambray shirt, or a simple pattern like the striped dolman top above; two classic pieces that give your colored denim a little more versatility.

What colors and patterns are you loving lately?

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