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Monday, February 6, 2012

Not that we have seasons in LA (as evidenced by the fact that I was sun bathing yesterday before the Super Bowl, in FEBRUARY), but stores are rolling out bright and fun spring lines which generally means a change of season is approaching.  I'm seeing lots of great patterns, bright hits of neon, color blocking, and tribal prints; this season seems to be all about bold colors.  I love the idea of pairing basic pieces with hits of bright color/pattern.  Here's a roundup of some of my favorite things I'm seeing for Spring:

Lots of stripes and bright colors.
Urban Outfitters
Bold and saturated colorful bag.
Francesca's Brilliant Bag
Lots of stripes--in both toned down colors and bright.  A striped dolman 
top is the perfect thing to pair with bright or pastel denim.
Bright denim in highlighter yellow.
American Eagle
Bold pink.
 Neon and neutral stripe.
 Bright pink and studded tunic--how can you go wrong here? 
Urban Outfitters
Dipped dyed colorful bags.
More muted stripes. 
These neon flats might be my favorite; tangerine is cropping up everywhere lately!
 Sunshine yellow denim.  A classic chambray in a relaxed button down 
seems to be the casual go-to pairing for any variety of colored denim.
Tribal: turquoise and orange are great color pairings.
American Eagle
Loving the subtle top and boldly patterned trim.
Urban Outfitters
My favorite denim so far, I love the pretty lilac pastel with the bright pink exposed zipper.
I can't get enough of this playful turquoise and pink patterned scarf.
American Eagle
Pink is my new favorite color.
I'm obsessed with colored denim and really need to scoop up a pair for myself.  My favorite looks are with a relaxed chambray shirt, or a simple pattern like the striped dolman top above; two classic pieces that give your colored denim a little more versatility.

What colors and patterns are you loving lately?

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  1. There are never enough polka dots in my life. As for colors, I'm not sure if there's one that I don't like but I'd have to say classic navy and mint are on my mind a lot this winter (in New England, where we have seasons).


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