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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I have been feeling like I'm in a bit of a design pause (rut is an ugly word) lately, with regard to my apartment.  I think it is probably due to the fact that I haven't bought anything substantial for my apartment  in a reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy long time (read 2 weeks).  But in keeping with my New Year's resolutions, I am shopping less and sticking to a budget.  It ain't easy.  Speaking of resolutions, I have two public gripes I would like to make to the general public.  The first is about the nature of resolutions in general, and that is that most people always make a resolution to exercise more, lose weight, get fit, yaddah yaddah yaddah.  The first two weeks in January I avoided the gym like the plague due to this fact (definitely the ONLY reason I didn't go), because it is inevitably ridiculously crowded.  And today, I got to my TRX class (SO INTENSE) my usual 10 minutes early to stretch it out before I couldn't lift my arms to shampoo my hair, and some DUDE totally swiped my spot!  Not only that, but by the time I got there, the class was almost full and I wound up with a less than prime area to attack my muscles.  Plus, my instructor made light of HIS New Year's resolution, which ironically enough is to make his classes harder.  Ha-ha.  Evidently, it is possible.  So in conclusion to my ranting...give up people!  If you weren't at the gym last December you're not going to be there this December!  There, I said it.  It sounds kinda harsh, but I just want my spot back.  Whomp whomp.

So anyways, back to my pause.  I've been diligent with my budgeting thus far (yay me!), yet it's left me feeling like I need to switch things up.  I mean, things can't be the same for months at a time [gasp!], because where's the fun in that?  So basically I want to share with you a couple images that I've found inspiring lately, and also think about how to revive and refresh a space without spending (much) money.

Man oh man, check out that bad boy.  Where do I start?  I think it's pretty clear that the show stopper here is the antler jewelry organizer.  I've been wanting some antlers for a very very long time now, and hallelujah, my dear young pops answered my prayers over the holidays.  Not only did he give me antlers, but they are attached to the skull, and we all know how much I have a thing for skulls.  So--fun idea, some of my pretty necklaces (yes, I'm obsessed with jewelry too) can artfully drape from my antlers.  As soon as he sends them to me; I didn't really want to provoke security carting around a deer skull, and I'm not entirely sure it would have fit under the that tiny space where your legs are supposed to go.

Okay.  Moving forward, the pallet headboard is a a great alternative solution to buying a headboard.  I've been thinking recently about just making my own upholstered one since they tend to air on the expensive side.  There are tons of great tutorials out there that seem relatively simple to execute.  Now if I can find a way to coerce my boyfriend into making one with me (read: please help me do it!!).  I think I'm also partial to the use of greenery in the bedroom (plants make me happy) and that lamp--it's Ikea, and I have the floor lamp version in my living room.  The overall vibe in this shot is relaxing, which is exactly how a bedroom should make you feel.

I love this workspace below.  It's clean, organized, feminine, and minimal.  I need a little less clutter and a little more streamlined in my life.  And we all know I've been dying to get my grubby paws on a Parson's desk, so there's that.  But there are other great things here too, like the ghost chair.  Lucite is growing on me, and I feel good about it.  Especially in small spaces, something that's translucent takes up less visual space in a room and makes it feel larger.  Little pops of color here make it playful, and I LOVE that nailhead fabric board!  Just like I love everything upholstered with nailheads.

So basically I want to make a headboard.  I think it's a manageable project that can be done inexpensively.  Going along with the streamlined idea, I want to use the space more efficiently in my bedroom.  That means getting rid of one of my nightstands and substituting a desk (hopefully a Parson's!).  With such a tiny space its really important to take advantage of every storage opportunity with inventive solutions and dual functioning furniture.  It's time to change things up, without spending a ton of dough!

Have any inexpensive ideas to refresh and revamp?

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