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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I've been putting off buying a lightweight quilt for about a year now.  I have a full size vintage matelasse coverlet  that my sweet sweet grandmother gifted me, which I absolutely love.  However, now that I have a queen sized bed, with all the tossing and turning I do, it's a little small.  I waited a looooong time to buy a quilt.  Things like these can be really tortuous, the waiting and searching is enough to drive anyone mad.  But I think when buying staple pieces, it's SO important to take your time.  And this really goes for any item, be it shoes, a bag, a dresser, etc.  Do your research and figure out what you like, and what has staying power.  Then when you find it, don't buy it.  Yup, that's right, I said it.  If there are multiple of the item, and it's readily available, WAIT (if there's just one and you're sure though, GET IT!).  At least 1 week.  This is my test for just about anything I want to buy, whether it's a pair of tomato red jeans or the perfect leather jacket.  I take a step back and say Megan, you need to take a breath, and just walk away.  I know it sounds crazy.  But if in a week you STILL can't stop thinking about it, then you know buying it is the right thing to do.  Sometimes I even make myself wait longer than a week...this method really helps me eliminate impulse purchases and buyer's remorse.

After a long search, I finally decided on this quilt from West Elm (surprise, surprise) that I still love a month later.  The picture here doesn't exactly do it justice, it appears to be a dark orange when really it's a brilliant coral (one of my favorite colors).

What I love about this quilt is that its soft, comfortable, and versatile--it's reversible.  Versatility is one of the most important qualities for me when purchasing anything.  If it doesn't have staying power, walk away.  If it doesn't have multiple uses, ask yourself if you really need it.  I love that this quilt is reversible because it gives me flexibility, if suddenly I get home one day and decide I can't stand one side, I can just flip it over.  Here's what it looks like in my bedroom (right now, with poor lighting):

What do you think?

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