Flea Market Finds

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moving has been SUCH a process, but I am finally making a little headway on all my unpacking.  I'll post some before, during and after pictures soon.  I just have to get to the after part!  I haven't really been purchasing anything big yet for the apartment, I still need to assess what my needs are in order to fully maximize the space, but I have gotten a couple of little things here and there.  I popped over to the Melrose Flea Market two weekends ago and scooped up this old thing:
It's rather beat up and in need of some TLC, but it's got great potential and was basically free (read $30).  It's also really sturdy.  If you were to probe further into that statement I would tell you that there may or may not have been a sizable 8 year old child climbing all over it just before I bought it.  Like I said, sturdy.

I found this post on Design Sponge on a bar cart redo which has given me faith in my elbow grease capabilities.  Here's the before and after of a similar job:

But like I said...I'm ready for the after!


  1. Woah the transformation is great. You should surely have a channel on youtube for home deco DIYs poeple will love it and you will have even more audience.

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