New Bookshelves!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moving is SUCH a hassle.  I've been procrastinating unpacking boxes for so long now (read 1 month) that I was really feeling like this place would never start coming together.  Part of the delay has been my need to revamp and redecorate.  I'm selling a lot of my furniture and starting to replace with some cleaner, brighter, and more modern pieces.  Lately I've felt like I have too much vintage going on, and while I love the look, it needs balancing out with pieces that have a more modern vibe.  One of the big things I just sold was my bookshelf.  It was really large, boxy, and dark.  I looked around for a while and settled on this high gloss white shelving unit from Ikea.  I'm still working on decorating them and will probably change things up, but here's the current set up:
I'm much happier with this look overall - it's clean and more modern, just what I want.  What do you think?

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