Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You know when you order something and it takes so long to arrive that you nearly forget about it entirely?  And then one day, a package appears on your doorstep and you're left furrowing your brow, wondering what on earth could be inside.  Moments later you rip open the box to discover the long lost item and nearly squeal with delight...[sigh] what a satisfying feeling.
I pre-ordered this puppy ages ago and was thrilled to finally get it in the mail yesterday.  As an avid reader of Emily Schuman's blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, I knew I would enjoy her debut book.  Having pushed myself too hard at the gym the past two days, I had plenty of time on my hands this evening to dig in.  The book gives tips on style, beauty, home, and food/entertaining, all categorized by seasons, which is such an interesting idea.  I mean, we live our life by seasons, why not create a style book tuned to them? It's a great read and reference guide, with beauty must haves for summer, tips on shopping at flea markets, recipes (perfect chocolate chip cookies? yes please), how to's (tousled waves, bright lipstick), decorating tricks, etc.  What I like most about her book (and blog!) is the variety - it's not strictly one discipline.  I love interior design, but I also cook every night, can't live without fashion, and am dying to entertain in my new apartment.  Emily does a great job of balancing all of these areas in both her book and blog, so if you haven't read either yet, I'd highly recommend doing so.  

While Emily certainly isn't the first blogger turned print-author (Grace Bonney, to name one), this book does represent something greater.  It speaks to the fact that the world is changing, and more and more, individuals are finding success by their own means.  Less emphasis is being placed on technical training, and more chances are being given based on potential and inherent talent (HUGE!).  There are so many great blogs out there these days that have interesting and unique content, and that are ultimately serving as the vehicle for greater recognition across the board.  I think mostly it gives me hope that some day my blog will lead to something bigger, that it will bring new and exciting opportunities for me both personally and professionally.  

Here's to what's to come, for all of us.  

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