Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I love the idea of representing my bicoastal status with quintessential and iconic memorabilia, but MAN, am I tired of the I <3 NY/LA crap that's out there.  The most extreme piece I have is a framed map of mid-town, and a tiny gold necklace in the shape in NY.  Just earlier today I was perusing these LA prints, wanting to add a touch of 'here's where I live LA pride' to my new apartment.  And then I came across some very cool glasses by SoLA - Sisters of Los Angeles glasses, in beaches, canyons, and Hollywood editions!  These glasses are such a fun, graphic representation of LA - without being too kitschy, and are a great housewarming gift (ahem...I knew I was holding off on this for good reason...).
image via notcot
image via notcot
image via notcot
Get yours at Ron Robinson, I know I will!  That is if someone doesn't get them for me first...

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