Zara Home in the US!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FINALLY.  I get so sick of torturing myself by looking at all this beautiful stuff on Zara Home in Euros.  At long last my friends, DOLLAR SIGNS!  Zara Home has launched in the good ole US of A.  Now I can fake shop with some gusto behind my clicks since I can actually ship to myself rather than a weird 3rd party in Europe that I'd have to bribe to send the goods to me.  

Get shoppin'!

Fall Must-Haves

Monday, October 8, 2012

Despite the fact that it was 97 degrees in LA last Monday, and I spent my Sunday laying on the beach, fall is indeed coming.  It's October, and that means that for the rest of you kiddies out there it maybe isn't 100 degrees out all the time.  Here's a round up of my fall must-haves (click for source):

A classic chambray shirt.
Tall leather boots - these I've been pining after forever, I love the distressing, zipper back, and versatile cognac coloring.
A silky printed blouse.
Sequins.  Just something with sequins.
A tailored blazer - my favorite look is the 'school boy' with gold buttons.

Neutral ballet flats - I practically live in these J.Crew ones.

A cozy cardigan - if I put this on I might never take it off.

Leopard print - could be a belt, could be some flats.  Just get it in your life.
Bold yet versatile cross body.  I love this style so much that all my other bags are rendered obsolete.
And now I want to go shopping.

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