Megan's Favorite Things a.k.a Giftables

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So I know I'm not Oprah and my seal of approval (or approval for lusting after these things) might not start me my own fan club, but I thought I'd share a list of my favorite things (some personally tested, some just wishful thinking).  Think of this list as a gift guide for your girl, guy, mom, pop, friend, penny pincher or big spender.  Click on the picture for source, personally vetted (or boyfriend vetted for man things) are prefaced with an asterisk.

*This stuff makes my hair SO smooth
 *You'd be hard pressed to find a better scent than this one
*I'm a huge fan of real pottery
 *Dainty and great for everyday wear
 *Possibly my favorite piece of furniture ever
 Not sure if it gets any cozier than this
 Does Nate Berkus ever go wrong?
 *Leather is sexy
 *Corral anything in one of these
 Kilim is beautiful
 *Might be the comfiest jeans ever
 *I can blow out my VERY long hair section by section in 12 minutes flat with this guy
 *Quirky personality for your walls
 *You can't beat the rose gold zipper back
 *Some of the nicest hand soap
 *Smells like a dream
*A fantastic substitute for lack of puppies on my sofa
*Filson goods will last a lifetime
 *The nicest cheap hand soap
 Classy and modern and wood
 *If whiskey hangovers actually smelled good
 Again, with the pretty pottery
 *An essential whether you're traveling or at the office
 *Anyone's most handy keychain
 *Great recipes by an unpretentious uncertified woman who just likes to cook and eat good food
*Sphere ice cube molds for the mixologist in all of us
The most aesthetically pleasing speakers out there
*Some day, my vision won't be 20/20.
 *A great essential tee
*Coated denim and moto = good
*Treat your hair to some moisture
*Man boots
Faceted and ceramic
 Indigo might be my favorite trend
Leather is sexy
*Soft and comfortable
What are some of your staples/must haves/giftables?

Basket Case

Monday, September 30, 2013

Is there a such thing as a basket lady?  I might be one in the near future.  I love how versatile baskets can be - use them for laundry, magazines, firewood, towels, baked goods, waste basket, general storage...the list goes on.  Here are a few favorites: (click image for source)
My favorite might be the multi-colored woven basket.  Which is yours?

Cover Me in Rugs

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My new goal in life is to collect tons of beautiful kilim rugs and cover myself and my living room in them like this:
Domino via ella and louise
Here are my initial thoughts on how to do it -
via Furbish Studio
via Etsy
via Etsy
via Etsy
via Etsy
via Etsy
via Etsy
via Furbish Studio
via Etsy
It may take me a lifetime and lots of dollars, but that's the whole point of collecting, right?
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