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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's talk shop for a minute.  And when I say shop, I mean house plants and apartment updates.  Check out my new amazing indoor tree:
Just kidding.  You know that's not my apartment, although that tree, high ceilings, and lighting I could possibly kill for.  How much of a crazy impact does that Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree make??  Plus, Home Depot describes them as being "among the trendiest indoor plants", so you really can't go wrong there.  While that particular image is decidedly NOT my tree, this one is:
It's a baby one.  But baby trees are cheap.  And you get the satisfaction of nurturing your baby plant into adulthood where it will one day be featured in Elle Decor.  Check back with me in a few years - it'll get there.  Just in case it doesn't though I do have a 1 year guarantee policy courtesy of my local hardware store in the event that my black thumbs get too close to it.  This is prior to replanting, so it will look a little taller once I get a chance to repot.  The planter is from Home Goods - $20.  I also scooped up a cute little fern:
I decided to put it on my nightstand to incorporate some nature into my sleeping quarters.  The planter is from Anthropologie and in my opinion is a steal at $16.  Here's a close up:
I chose this particular fern because it has black stems which I thought interesting and unusual.  Potted plants and flowers are a really important aspect of any room.  They're elements of design that come after you're settled in and really bring life into a space.  I find that when I have plants and fresh cut flowers in my home I'm always a little bit happier in my space.  Currently in my living room I have two vases of flowers:
Blue hydrangeas are some of my favorites (along with peonies), and the mixed bouquet in the back were a gift from a friend who recently house sat for me.  I also switched up my pillows recently, which is a really quick way to make an impact.  The beige one on the right was a sale item from West Elm for $4 - it has a reindeer on the front which I kept for the holidays, but flipped over to the button side after Christmas.  The middle pillow on the left is mongolian lambswool, also from West Elm which has a furry texture to it.  I like to stroke it sometimes in the absence of having a puppy.  If you don't look and ignore the absence of warmth and cuteness it will at times suffice.
Kitchen shot.  I have a potted basil plant that seems to be surviving our harsh LA winter, and a new braided money tree on the left which I haven't found a planter for yet.

Do you have plants at home?  If so what have you got growin'?


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