Kitchen Cravings

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here are some things I'd love to add to my kitchen.  In gathering images for this post, I've realized that I absolutely love kitchenware that is made of wood or enamel.  As always, click the image for the source.

Wood/gold accented garlic press:
 Enamel spoon rest with graphic typography:
 Glass/wood container - a beautiful way to store pantry items:
 Crazy looking wood/silicone whisk
 Genius design: pasta pot with built in strainer and locking lid mechanism.
 Whut?  I'm a New Yorkuh.
 Enamel AND wood?  Fuhgettaboutit.
Swanky carafe with a bamboo lid:

 Graphic mugs with a wood top to keep your drinks warm:
What are some of your favorite kitchen things?

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