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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

At all times of the day my brain is overflowing with ideas, design inspiration, to do's, wants, needs, etc.  I typically use Pinterest as a way to catalog ideas, my blog as a creative outlet to express them, and many, many handwritten lists whenever inspiration strikes.  Today I wanted to share with you DIY projects I've been wanting to try, but just haven't quite found the time to yet (read: or am to intimidated to take on by myself - my friend and I have actually talked about having a DIY Facetime date).  As always, click for source.

This campaign style Ikea rast hack is at the top of my list.  I've been yearning for a beautiful campaign chest without any luck for so long that this may just be my solution.
Sparkle tassels.  Why not?
 Oh let me just DIY myself a new dining room table or desk, nbd.
 Yup, same with a tufted headboard.
 Spunky neon makes plants look cooler.
 I think a light up 'M' would serve me well.
 The most genius solution for hiding anything unseemly but necessary on your wall (ie. thermostat, alarm, etc.)
 Hanging planter in neon pink.  I love neon pink.
Do you have any DIY's on your horizon?   

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