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Monday, February 4, 2013

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite designers out there at the moment.

Emily Henderson is definitely my top favorite designer right now, and has been for a while.  I love her ability to seamlessly mix styles to create spaces that are beautiful AND functional.  I think one of the reasons I like her so much is that her style hits close to home - there is almost always an element in her spaces that I would want to incorporate in my own apartment.  
Amber Lewis is a newer designer out there that has been doing great things.  In my opinion she excels in patterns - she has a great boho california vibe going on in a lot of her designs and really knows how to add texture and warmth by mixing playful patterns.
Kelly Wearstler.  I mean that should be enough said, right?  She's like the design bad ass out there that excels in everything (literally, what doesn't she do?) and is so daring and unique in her designs.  She is constantly taking risks that pay off majorly with intense visual impact.
Nate Berkus' spaces are always cool and classy with an element of the unexpected or unique.  I would call his style edgy traditional cool.
Vanessa De Vargas has created some rooms recently that are fun and playful.  I love that she doesn't shy away from bold color.
Grant K. Gibson.  Maybe it's my obsession with fiddle leaf fig trees, but all of Gran'ts spaces are just down right beautiful.
Tamara Kaye-Honey is so pulled together chic it kills me.  I mean, this space below is technically for a nursery!
Schuyler Samperton is traditional style infused with funk - this space below is very mission-california but those hot pink curtains contrasting with the striped chairs really make it interesting.
Lili Diallo is just an amazing stylist/designer and always pulls together beautiful, eclectic designs.
Emily Chalmers is the queen of vintage modern and creates spaces with so much whimsy I can't help but feel inspired.
Who are some of your favorite designers out there?  If you had to define your style, what would you be?  I think right now I'm eclectic vintage chic.

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