Etsy Pillowfest

Friday, March 29, 2013

Check out all these amazing graphic and fun pillows on Etsy!

Reversible pillows are so functional.
Such a pretty hue.
 Laid-back pattern.
 Pop of neon!
 Subtle - would look like a neutral.
 Bold and fun.
 Can't go wrong with polka dots.
 Pomegranate?  Awesome.
 Textural pompoms.
 Bright color.
 Neutral stripes.
 More fun polka dots.
 These are my favorite of the polka dots.
 Unique and bright.
It's been a while since I switched up my pillows, and I'm definitely needing to refresh my space!  Swapping out your pillows is such an easy way to make an impact and change up your look.  Loving all these unique and fun pillows!  Which are your favorites?

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