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Monday, March 18, 2013

I can't get over this punchy vibrant room makeover designed by Emily Henderson for Bri Emery of Design Love Fest.  I think it might be one of the most exciting spaces I've seen lately but still feels like a pulled together, intentional use of color and funk.  Get the full scoop in 3 places:  Design Love Fest, Style by Emily Henderson, oh, and the LA Times (yay for blog/designer notoriety!).
It's just so bright and beautiful.  How could you not want to be in this space?  I'm feeling something that's more than just decor's more like raging desire, almost to the point of being unable to articulate my lusty cravings for all things in this room.
And this is only one angle!  I'm craving more and more moroccan home decor and this rug and pouf (although I want emerald green or hot pink) are no exception.  The hits of gold in here are fabulous yet tasteful, and that pink stool is seriously covet-worthy.

Look at that sexy plycraft chair.  It's making eyes at me from across the internet, all sultry and 'look at my beautiful wood lines encasing my tufted teal glory, and don't forget my mongolian lambswool accent pillow you can cuddle with', and I'm all like 'I wish I could buy you a drink that's been compromised so I can take you home without spending all my money'.
We all know about my love affair with house plants and the fiddle leaf fig tree (the trendy indoor plant), so it's no surprise that this green house mecca speaks to me in a big way.  And look at that crazy head planter.  He's so happy to have that tree hair.
That tribal chair is so bold and gives the room some fun pattern.  I'd love to incorporate some more bold pieces and gold/brass accents.
Okay.  1) Look how that sleek console table is so unassuming yet perfect.  2) Give me those lamps now.   3) I need some polka dot/animal print stools/pillows/anything going on in my life.
That bar cart is so pretty and elegant.  Come have a permanent sleep over forever at my house any time.
And then there's that lighting fixture and beach escape print that's so calm and soothing.  That danish dining set doesn't hurt either.

Definitely check out the full scoop, and then tell me how much you love it too.

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