Currently Craving: Etsy Finds for the Kitchen #2

Monday, July 29, 2013

I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I don't share when I find amazing things on Etsy because I'm afraid they won't be there if I decide to buy them.  In an effort to be less selfish and spread good design, here are a few kitchen finds on Etsy that I'm lusting after at the moment:

The most beautiful custom screen printed dishes.
Screen print dish set
Playful and fun tea towels to display in the kitchen.
Seasons Tea Towels
 So no one forgets what to do in the kitchen.
Eat Sign
 Traditional ceramics with a modern twist.
Ceramic Polka Dot Soup Bowls
 I don't even like whiskey but I would drink them out of these.
Ceramic Whiskey Cups
 I'll take one in every color please.
Wooden Bowls
 Gold, marble, pastels...what could be bad?
Salt & Pepper Pots
 I'm always experimenting when cooking: it's a regular food lab.
Tube Spice Rack
 I clearly have a thing for screen printed handmade dishware.
Hexagon Tumbler
 To satiate my modern side.
White Enamel Tea Kettle
The cutest hand drawn patterned plates.
Cake Plate
Have you ever seen a more beautiful blue pot?  Clearly all roasted vegetables would taste better if cooked in this one.
Dansk Pot
Maybe when I get a bigger kitchen I can buy infinite amazing dishes and pots and towels...phew.  Glad I got these off my chest.  Blogging sometimes helps to curb the shopping cravings.  We all know I can't help myself!

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