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Thursday, July 11, 2013

There is something purely wonderful about rattan/bamboo furniture that I just can't get enough of.  I think maybe because I've recently discovered that I'm really drawn to that relaxed bohemian vibe, and there's something that feels homey and summery about rattan furniture.  Whatever it is (maybe the texture), I am DYING for some if it in my apartment.  Add a throw pillow, maybe throw some sheepskin on it for your seating pleasure, and we are in business.  Check out some of these amazing examples:
Margherita Missoni's Milan apartment via Kin and Casa
Headboard via Lonny
Hanging Rattan Chair via Serena & Lily

via Etsy
via Etsy
Franco Albini Rattan Ottoman via Etsy
Hoop Chair via Amsterdam Modern
 I think the hoop and rattan chair are what really do it for me big time.  Maybe I'll get lucky at the flea market this weekend and find one with my name on it.  Wish me luck!

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