Get in my House: Ikea Stockholm Collection

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ikea does amazing things and has quite a few staple items that I think pretty much everyone loves.  They are seriously stepping up their game with their new Stockholm collection and  The design is what you've (read: I've) wanted Ikea to carry forever.  It's no secret that pieces like the expedit are well designed and functional, but the lines and materials of the Stockholm bring it to a whole other level.  Granted, the pricing is a wee bit more than your typical particle board besta shelves, but in my opinion, well worth it.  They are doing amazing things with green, walnut, and white lacquer.  Click image for source.

Say hello to my new bar.  I just recently got a new dining room table that is a beautiful modern teak wood piece, and I have white metal industrial chairs.  My dining nook is just BEGGING for this beautiful green cabinet to house all my liquor.
I may not need new dining room chairs, but one of you might.  Look at those beautiful lines!
 Simple, round, walnut coffee table.  I don't see how you can really go wrong.
 Nesting tables!  These are probably most fun to use as a quirky coffee table.
 Um...sigh...a kelly green velvet sofa.  So trendy but in the best way.
 The stockholm dining table.  Again with the clean simple lines!
 Cabinets and sideboards.  Each of the below ones come in the other version of themselves, ie. tv cabinet also comes in white, and sideboard also comes in walnut.
The white and wood combination may be my favorite on the planet.
I think a trip to Ikea is in order!

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